Review request: Has anyone used to trade their BTC for USD?

Have some BTC I want to pull from trades and exchange for USD. Once upon a time I did this with Vault of Satoshi but have not needed this service for some time. I hear is a good option but am unsure.

Do you have a coinbase account? If you set one up with a bank account you can sell your BTC to them and they will withdraw to your bank account. Otherwise I’d recommend making an account on LocalBitcoins and you can get buyers who will send you cash with western union or money gram.

Yes Coinbase is very good. They provide a very easy way for your to exchange bitcoin without having to worry about fraud or getting in trouble for doing anything illegal

Coin base also has an exchange where you can trade your coin for cash, but keep it on exchange. Also, there’s something called tether that is supposed do something like that. I don’t know how it works though

I use CEX.IO to trade Bitcoins, and have already made 2 successful withdrawals to my bank account. These guys are long on the market, so there’s no reason to think they’re a scam.

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