Results for Whom

Forbes has a new article where it tries to say that Sander’s criticism of the 1% for non contribution, extraction (theft) and general uselessness is nonsense because Bernie is just another paper pusher. It suggests we should focus on results not process. But results for whom? You see Bernie focuses on results for the people that actually built this automated society and who have therefore have the strongest claim on it and all of its assets. These people are owed Titanic back compensation with interest. Also results over process is more of the stupid excuses for the nonsense Machiavellian, it tries to say that means aren’t ends in themselves and lies and fraud are the only way to get good results and are therefore defensible. We are firing the 1%, they are the easiest to automate out, Trump in his personage graphically demostrates this daily. This society belongs to us pretenders are dispensible.