Result of SAFE-Slur out a year prior to 2016 Presidential Elections?

I am guessing that this project could be about a year prior to the US Presidential elections. I understand that Slur was intending block chain fist but I am guessing a quick port of the APP to SAFE. I could see it completely revolutionizing the election and ridding the mainstream media, parties and sponsors from the electoral process giving us much needed change much quicker. I see it resulting in a universal data dump that escalates in a retaliatory manner until the players the public needs removed from the game are in fact removed from the game. This may also drive the value of SAFE coin like nothing else.

But let me stress crucially the key element is not so much the public using money to get sponsored psychopaths to dump data but the idea of a virtuous of transparency beginning followed by enforcement of our actual laws and an end to hypocrisy and the grip of useless but increasing or returning rule inherited wealth.

The US presidential elections are a cheerleading contest. New technology will do little to change that…

Facts don’t matter. And abundance of facts will make the facts even less relevant.

You somehow managed to figure it all out without SAFE or any other new technology… Every presidential election in my memory has had a dump of conspiracy documents, October Surprises – Some of them legit, some of them totally bogus – and the net technology will not change that.