Residents of Scotland can get free ScotCoin


The SCOTCOIN Project is a completely voluntary, opt-in crypto-currency, available to anyone that is a resident of Scotland and wishes to participate, willingly. SCOTCOINS are an online digital currency, which may have the possibility of being used as a medium of exchange or barter. The SCOTCOIN IPO consists of 980 Million coins, and will distribute 1,000 Scotcoins to each resident (first come first served model), 5,000 to any participating business & 10,000 to any registered Scottish Charity.

Would be interesting if someone retrieved some, and explained the process for any Scottish Residents here.




This happened years ago unfortunately, so it’s not open any more. It was first come first served, then the remainder were split between those who applied.

This was originally an altcoin with its own mining pool etc, but now it’s a counterparty asset, which probably makes more sense.


HI - I am a director of The Scotcoin Project Ltd which is the successor to the original Scotcoin project. -a little clarification is needed here.

The quote above promising free Scotcoin is from the original site and refers to the original coin. At the end of Nov 2014 all original Scotcoins were “burnt” and replaced with the Scotcoin Counterparty-based token. Our new team recently took over from the founder Derek Nisbet and bought out the IP and as much of the remaining stock of coins as we could locate. It is our intention again to distribute these as widely as possible to the people of Scotland (those of us lucky enough to have our main residence here). However there is a fixed supply of 1 billion SCOT so giving 5m+ Scots 1000 each is just not arithmetically. possible.

Before we distribute the coins we have been able to amass, we need to ensure there are outlets that will accept the tokens for goods and services. We do not wish to repeat the unfortunate experience of Iceland, who achieved good distibution of the Auroracoin but had few, if any, places to actually use the coin.

So for now the main focus of the Scotcoin Project is on education and setting up retailers and business to business links so that when we do start general distribution, there are genuine uses for the currency, rather than a curiosity or a mere plaything for the crypto exchanges. The wise gardener prepares the ground then sows the seed.

When the Maidsafe devs are ready, we are VERY keen to explore how we can use the SAFE network rather than the CounterParty protocol but this is necessarily a long-term aspiration rather than a fixed point on our roadmap.

Please support our project by actually buying some SCOT at or on Bittrex . SCOT can also be bought directly for GBP at Anaedv.

Follow us at


Twelve highlanders and a bagpipe make a rebellion.
Scottish Proverb


Just my opinion, but i would advise against putting any money on this coin.

If we wanted to pump and dump it would have been done long ago,
Our vision is a somewhat wider. The intention is norhing less than a fully working crypto alternative to GBP for Scotland and a respected crypto currency in its own right for international trade. A coin with intrinsic value backed by the economy of Scotland.


Just my opinion! Very happy to support Scotcoin. Already have some.


Sorry if I came across in a personal way. I don’t doubt your motives. I just think that inherently this (or any crypto-currency tied to a geographic area) is destined to not work. I could be wrong, I just don’t want people here for the first time who are learning about the SAFE network to get burnt (as I envisage they well might if they invest in Scotcoin).

and its worth 3 times what it was yesterday. after a crazy spike to 3000 it has settled back to consitent 14-1500 on Bittrex up from 450-500 the past few days.

Fair enough - everyone is entitled to an opinion,
Im presumptious enough to guess I’m talking to a fairly clued-up audience in here and that they would take the trouble to do some research before investing anything other than beer money in any coin.
As to whether a coin can work in a limited geographical area, why not? Depends on what your view of the use case for the coin is, ours is a bit wider than simply a plaything for the sharks on the crypto exchanges.


@luke maybe it would make sense to earn some versus earn cash and convert it. Perhaps offer up service in exchange for some Scotcoin, just chiming in with a light alternative to buying.

Also this is great to hear about @southside, very awesome that you are here. And what struck me the hardest was the education aspect when I first read the website some months back. It is a great move, and with integrity I feel.

Wish a good luck to your endeavors, and hope to help how I can if I can for sure.


If people treated Scotcoin as a lighthearted learning tool and only invest their beer money then great. But if:

Then I doubt people will interact with the coin like this or treat it in a lighthearted way. In all reality people who care about their national identity, and love their country, have taken a big risk on this venture in the belief that it as a way to get rid of GBP for Scotland. Maybe they spent their savings. Maybe they were so passionate they sold their house to back @Southside’s venture. Now imagine if that was someone you loved (dad, brother, sister, son etc.) who did that… how do you feel about Scotcoin now?

In fact before you answer that question I should just tell you guys that I made my millions in PR, and I’m about to launch my very own coin called Scottishcoin. I plan to sponsor rangers and advertise in every local paper in Scotland for the next year. O, and my other friend who actually owns the local TV station is also launching his own coin soon too.

Sorry for my sarcasm but I hope you get the point of what I’m saying. Scotcoin has no authority to be a national currency (unlike GBP which is backed by the barrel of a gun ultimately). Again, I’m not attacking your vision of freedom from GBP/fiat which I endorse 100%, I just don’t think this is the right way to go about it.

Many reasons but a big one is this: It requires someone to act as a central authority to determine whether or not someone is from a certain geographical area. This is a theoretically really weak point and requires trust.

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Not quite sure where to begin with the above.

So I’ll let you inhabit your own wee fantasy world where folk sell houses to invest in crypto and you pretend to care.

Tell me are you a ‘proud Scot’ or just another Yoon with overfilled underpants?

Either way I can smell your fear from here.


actually Hayek states that there would be a world of many currencies/monies competing against each other.

and you are presuming that they will “fail”, there were many people who said bitcoin will fail, but man if i had mortgaged a house to buy 10,000 when it was $10… I’d be pretty happy.

as they use to say in the early days of btc “you just have to believe”, a healthy amount of cynical though is okay, but work and persistence can overcome many barriers.


I personally know people who have sold their house to invest in cryptocurrency. I’m surprised that you are surprised this happens.

My net worth is in cryptocurrency. I’m all in. I think this kind of makes me have some degree of empathy for others who put their money on the line too, so if I see what I think is a bad idea I feel like I should say something.

I don’t see how Scotcoin does much beyond relying on tribalism and peoples sense of national pride to fuel its growth. I think you are going to essentially have to go door to door to get any sort of utility and this is not sustainable as a model for growth or adoption. I believe that offering a geographic model for cryptocurrency is counter to its very nature. You also offer zero innovation. These are a few of the reasons that I happen to think that your project will fail in the long term and that people who invest now will lose their money. I suspect that once there aren’t enough new ‘proud Scots’ to invest this will crumble to the ground.


I’m no expert - there aren’t really any in cryptocurrency I don’t think. I don’t have a crystal ball and none of us know what will really happen. I’ve been wrong many times before and this could be me being wrong again. I actually hope I am.

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OK Luke - either you are a compassion-filled genuine human being with a lot of mates who have extreme gambling problems or just someone who does not want to see a cryptocurrency for Scotland succeed.

Either way, I dont think we will find much common ground - so I won’t waste any more time on you. Bye

Giveaway 1000 free Scotcoins
This article appeared in todays Sunday Herald.

The dead tree version had an accompanying offer of 1000 free Scotcoins and a QR code which directed you to the Scotcoin contact form.

Fill in that form, add the words “Herald offer” to any message you want to send us and we’ll send instructions on how to get your 1000 Scotcoins.

Apologies for taking so long to tell you all about this - its been a very full day. Response has exceeded our estimates by a factor of 5.

Ignore the “residents of Scotland” bit, this is open to all. We want to see Scotcoin used globally as well as as a part of the new Scottish economy.


Great article! Glad to see Scotcoin’s making it into the news and word’s getting out! Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming. :slight_smile:

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The form insists on a telephone number so didn’t pass my “filters” :wink: