Reset/Disable 2FA without 2FA app

As usual, I secure my account with 2FA, without noticing there was no way to disable/reset it without the 2FA app. At that point, I was not planning that my phone was going to fly in the snow when biking home.

That happens less than an hour after. Now I don’t have access to my phone, and I am almost sure I won’t be able to backup the app data before changing phone.

I took advantage to have an open session on my computer to ask for some support. Should I simply delete my account and recreate one, or is it a way to bypass this issue?

There is no 2FA support yet for SAFEnetwork so it’s not clear why you are asking here, or what it is you need help with.

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Hi @megavolts - sorry to hear that your phone has taken it’s place in history however I’m a little bit confused as to what’s happened as we’ve not got 2FA via the mobile example for the Authenticator. More than happy to help if I can but I’m struggling here…

Maybe you mean your account?
If that is the case you possibly can’t post/reply here anymore.
@frabrunelle: ok to disable 2FA for him, or are there safer ways, like an email reply from the corresponding email adress or something like that?

Hi DGeddes, Ward

  Sorry about the bad formulation, I effectively lost access to the [](
  account? It would be great if you can.


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Marc, I’ve sent you a DM. David.
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Thanks @DGeddes for the help.

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you are very welcome @megavolts. :sunglasses:
Closing this now…