Reserved tokens on imminent testnet

Are 10% of the total tokens on the imminent testnet going to be reserved for distribution by MaidSafe?

I’ve been assuming this would be the case for testing purposes, but am also a bit concerned that the testnet could become autonomous and maidsafecoin investors could lose out to some extent if that happens.

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Wherever did you get that idea. The testnet will just have dummy coins that will vaporise at the end


Could you link to a resource showing the testnet will be killed/have a killswitch please?

The testnet is not the complete product.

People will not leave it running when the better network comes out, if by some miracle it does not die before.

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That seems like a big gamble to take. If it’s usable to some extent, and does something that another network doesn’t, then there’s a chance it will gain popularity between it’s intended kill date and the next testnet.

A very interesting point, if not necessarily for this testnet, then for a subsequent one that is “good enough”. Thoughts @dirvine?


One of the big issues is that the testnet (however good) is not going to have all the bugs removed and the next test/beta will have a unique ID for the network and thus not intraoperative.

This would leave the node owners a choice to have the better network or live with one that is missing some feature(s) or has some bug.

Ask yourself as a node operator - would you stick with a network that is losing node operators enmass or just go for the better or live network? Also the markets may not recognise the test-tokens.

Then ask yourself, are the world users going to go with official and supported and full featured network or use one that is reducing in size as node operators (however many) are leaving to join the better network?

Now maybe as a specialised network for some it might survive.

The idea of copy paste has been talked too many times before… mostly on the back of cryptocurrency comparison errors. It’s not a real prospect, where the core devs and core support are well aligned. There will always and should always be that option for copy code and niche interests might work to that but the resolve on all these arguements is centred on that the network is stronger as one… for everyone’s interest.

tldr; This baby testnet is not going to get up and walk away.

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There are many reasons to move to a better supported network, but we can’t foresee the possible reasons people could have for sticking with an earlier iteration. As we all know, this is uncharted territory.

This testnet is going to be the go-to implementation for a while (until the next testnet is released, which could easily be months away). If there’s any chance it can survive on its own after that, I think there should be a failsafe to protect MAID-owner investments.

And, as @happybeing notes, there may at some point be a “good enough” release before the official release, so this issue does need to be addressed, and I would suggest addressing it sooner rather than later.

Versioning is now in the message header. New networks will refuse to take on older nodes. The real network will be the one. As Maxwell happens the network will upgrade to completion.

I think we are fine here.


So Maxwell will have the 10% pre-allocated? As I understand it, there’s no way to ensure a pre-Maxwell testnet will die rather than becoming an independent (legacy) network.

Probably not, we could but I don’t think it will be needed. As Maxwell rolls out the apps etc. will all be there. We will see though.