Researchers confirm: It's the democracy stupid (not policy)


I think many here will recognise this, but this article both confirms it with research, and explains why politicians are not getting it.

Politicians think it’s about policy, but research shows its actually about them, and democracy itself. For example.

“A survey conducted last year by YouGov and Southampton University makes clear the scale of the disaffection. Almost 2,000 respondents were asked whether they agreed with the following statement: ‘politics is dominated by self-seeking politicians protecting the interests of the already rich and powerful in our society’. 72% agreed and and 8% disagreed. The largest proportion strongly agreed at 42%.”

This is a useful article, and the author is crowdfunding a book about this. Worth reading:


three categories accounting for almost 60% of all suggestions: greater accountability and transparency; better information and less spin; giving citizens more say.

The best and only solution to at last 60% (if not 100%) of main issues is therefore less (a smaller) government. But of course citizens want more government so that there are sufficiently funded and empowered institutions “to ensure” that these wishes are met (aka autocracy or totalitarianism).

Democracy is doomed. Last stop fascism.


@janitor did you see he’s also crowdfunding a book, “Small is Powerful”?

The first chapter brings together a bunch of unherdable “cats” (aka rebels) who have perhaps really been working towards advancement similar goals through second half of last century. Namely nerdy computer clubs, women’s rights, gay rights, and Austrian economists (even Thatcher/Reagan), whose common goal, mostly unrecognised, was to change what Lent calls “Big Culture”.

Something for most of us in that book I think. Read more here:


@janitor said

But of course citizens want more government so that there are sufficiently funded and empowered institutions “to ensure” that these wishes are met

This may be overly pessimistic. Isn’t this part of the “Big Culture” that is crumbling, and could either be followed by greater authoritarianism, or open the way for “Small is… /decentralised culture”, which is again pushing through, this time with greater awareness - through people like Adam Lent - of how seemingly distinct movements are all pushing for the same fundamental changes to that culture.

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I haven’t read Small is Powerful but read a positive review of it. I am indirectly (relatively speaking) close to some crowdsourcing efforts and participate in them (for example I bought MAID and so on) and I love it.
It’s a revolutionary approach to improving efficiency, transparency, and freedom and all these things without waiting for and hoping that the government will “do something”.
For example one can monitor all spending of such projects (like Dark Wallet) by simply watching their address on (they probably “tag” outgoing transactions somewhere as well, I haven’t looked).


Do you mean “Small is Beautiful” by Schumacher? If there’s a review of “Small is Powerful” I’d be interested to read it.


You’re probably right - I either confused the title or read this excerpt here (same site which you shared with us):