Requirements to start testing my app

I would like to know if it is already possible to start testing apps on the alfa 2 and also if so, what would be the requirements? Is trust level 1 enough?



Level 1 is enough and since you are at level 2, you have no problems.

Have you written your APP? If not then there are some topics that can help you out. Maybe even visit the dev forum where there is topics as well for this. Sorry I don’t have the links but a browse of the topic titles should be enough.


Thanks Neo :+1:t2: I am not a programmer myself but have some ideas and am working on them with two friends who are javascript programmers.

I thought i did not reach level 1 yet because i did not post enough topics jajaja

Thanks for claryfying!


You only need to open up 30 topics and read, not create them.

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You are Trust Level 2 (Member badge).