Required App Builder Skills / Suggested Learning Path?


I currently busily work as a fairly typical web application developer with a particular set of skills (ASP.Net / C# / SQL / IIS etc). In order to get up to speed with a completely new decentralized framework and whole paradigm shift, and learning the skills required to be able to develop data driven applications using the maidsafe API, is there a recommended path of learning to be able to efficiently PREPARE just to get started as an App Builder?

For example, I’ve personally not really had to contend much with C++ in my career as a web developer, so it would be good for existing developers with specific roles like mine to have an outline of a learning path, to help focus our time and effort efficiently to be able to get up to speed quickly.

Any suggestions or pointers to such existing Newbie type ‘getting started’ info would be most welcome. I’ve briefly followed the links from the main website (get involved–app builders–API–coding standard) and can see C++ is the main language I perhaps must commit to learning alongside a few other acronyms i need to familiar myself with, but it would be good to also have a bit more of a high level learning path describing a progression of learning steps like a map of learning before drilling down to learn the relevant knowledge and separate individual skills as required!. Many Thanks :slight_smile:


c++ is the core code fro sure, we are in process of a large porting program at the moment to over 20 other languages, Python and nodejs at the API level so far, this will extend to android/osx/win mobile platforms. Its moving fast so stay in touch with the examples (on the website/decs) as they will branch out very fast to many languages.


I’ll be keeping a close watch for sure. I’ll start with C++ for now (I’ve perhaps resisted for too long but now have good motivation!). Many thanks for your inspirational work.