Requested Feature Please For Site Forms

Hello to all the development geniuses out there. Using the SAFE Beaker POC @joshuef created has really got me excited about moving forward with transitioning my webdevelopment onto SAFE.

One potential tweek I would like to see sooner than later is a way for sites to continue with “contact” forms. Can we use the messaging feature that is soon coming?

Here is what I’m talking about safe://mranderson/contact.hml

The whole site is written static html with js/css…except the mail/contact form that is php. Having a slick easy way for future devs to implement the SAFE way would be great. Thank you.


I’m not sure what the plans are for messaging. But if it’s core SAFE functionality, I guess it would have an API which would be reflected in the browser, so (assuming all that) you’d eventually just use a js call to route a message to the SAFE network. No PHP needed! :smiley:


@frabrunelle can we get confirmation that there will be an api for messaging and/or this will likely be the best route? Thanks @joshuef ! One of my favorite geniuses for sure. I love your POC SAFE Beaker Browser…It looks sweet!


As stated in the Roadmap, though messaging will be part of the post-alpha-1 release cycle, it will definitely be in the 1.0 release. And unlike the live roadmap suggests the RFC is already up and being discussed here:

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Yep it looks like that is the ticket! Thank you. Yes I agree, nothing that isn’t encrypted should leave a computer.

The really cool thing from a web dev perspective is the future is bright. Really I see our field of fun opening up to unlimited possibilities with security, scalability, cost-of-entry, a thing of the past.


It is, from what I’ve seen in SAFE Core it’s already mostly written out in Rust, or at least an initial version, but it’s probably not complete or bugged or something.

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How are you going to approach site/service based messaging? Any thoughts you have beyond @joshuef 's API discussion?

It’s possible to use the same approach to messaging as I used to create forum posting functionality in the Project Decorum proof of concept, i.e. deterministic StructuredData addressing of replies. But for private (targetted) messaging the core messaging API is probably the better option.


The Mpid Messaging RFC is almost done since January