Reputation System App

There has been a lot of discussion about different reputation systems for different apps. A lot of different apps will need to use reputation systems. DNS is essentially a bookmarking and reputation system. Blacklisting and Whitelisting good and bad sites/users requires reputation. Ecommerce requires reputation. Comments on people’s posts could use reputation. The value of cryptocurency could use reputation tracking. In fact anything that has value in an anonymous world usually has it in part at least because of a reputation system of some kind. So what I’m getting at is why not deisgn an app that specializes in providing this service for other apps and users. So instead of having every other app build their own reputation system they can just plug in the “reputation app” api or plugin, configure it however they want and then run with it.


Been a while since I read through it but is that not a Decorum feature?


Itt may be but I think it’s more specialized to project decorum. I’m thinking something that can be integrated into multiple apps and is more versitile and fully featured.

I mean there are diffferent kinds of reputation. There’s voting up and down, there’s rating systems, there’s referral systems, there’s commentaries, you could even mix in a color coding system of some kind or use symbols though more than likely that would just be a mod of rating system or something. Then there’s a data analytics portion that’s needed to break down and display all the information in an understandable form, in like charts and graphs and what not. Also if you’re using comments or referals there needs to be a way to break down that information too. Data isn’t useful unless it’s understandable. And yes this might cross function with omething like project decorum, like say for commentary or referal functions. Though I’m not sure how the two APIs would talk to one another yet.