Republican Marxists

Second in the series and toward the end he covers the new Republican Marxist. Totally hilarious, but illuminating.

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“State Socialism ‘is’ State Capitalism.” I have to agree with this, and add to it that Communism has the same basic flaw. Obama is a socialist, and so is Corbyn. Nothing will be resolved by electing them, it is simply changing the person who is holding the gun to your head, and changing who gets the money when it is stolen from you.

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Filmed at Judson Church, a stalwart of economic justice in New York. I am watching the latest monthly talk now. Thanks for sharing this.

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Pretty much.

In State Socialism enterprises are owned by the State, and profits (when they are made, which is rare) are used to enhance control and dominance of the party.
State Capitalism (Fascism) allows private property and private enterprise. Profits are siphoned off by the political and state entrepreneurs.

The dude said (28m10s) that in State Capitalism private owners don’t own. That’s not true. GM, Boeing, the MIC, socialized healthcare and so on, those are all privately owned, and use the State to force citizens to do business with them. The State doesn’t take over anything. They don’t have to. They just need to be able to order the sheeple what they can buy from who, what may be bought and sold, and at what prices. (Which reminds me of Warren’s ideas from this forum, by the way).

It’s nonsense that public enterprises can be efficient. Or that, when they lose money, they’re “set up” to do that by conspirators from private sector (if that were true, that would be great for the socialists, because losses by public enterprises amount to redistribution of wealth to the poor - because the poor don’t pay taxes and public enterprises’ loses are paid from the budget or by new debt which can be paid off only by the middle and high class).

He’s wrong in everything.


Well public organizations are actually much efficient and effective generally than private monopoly and even oligopoly as there need be nothing wasted on profit or the theft of othere people’s money. For instance nationalized telecom would very likely done a better job for less than AT&T (radically underperforms other foreign state systems.) Just as the US postal service was a lot better before partial privatization and better than UPS and FedEx… Just as US Airlines were much better than they are under the current failing private system. Just as the so called Thatcherite reforms destroyed most public services in England while they jacked up the prices.

The lesson is that parasites are not value added, nor the priority.

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But in all of history by far the states that worked the best were the social democratic states in the 30 years after the New Deal. What the Kochs have in mind is a better off dead model, like something out of Bioshock Infinite.

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Ah the classic democracy. A lot of people failed to conceived the fatal flaw of the entire system. 51 percent rule over 49 percent. AKA, the mob rule.

Edited: This is also why I have concerns with bitcoin. It is a direct democracy - miners rule. Miner decides the validation of the blockchain.

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No thats a massive over simplification. That stuff from Nozik is just sophistry as the only alternative to power sharing is war. Democracy is not about majority rule its so much deeper than that. Its more about endless inquiry.

There’s no “Going Amazonal”, but there’s “Going postal”.

I take it that’s because postal workers, unlike Amazon’s, are under such tremendous pressure to be (and remain) efficient.

Amazon, as we know, didn’t make almost any significant profit in the past 20 years. No wonder they’re relaxedj - they don’t give a damn!.


And Amazon friggen awesome for that and a threat to Walmart because of it. And the going postal occured when the parasites started to squeeze and abuse those public employees. There should never beca cash in either.