Republican Candidates: Obama stole from us boo hoo hoo

During the second candidate debate one of the Republican weasels whined bitterly: that man stole from us!

So although he didn’t brag about it Obama raised taxes on the useless and the inbred in the twilight of his presidency. .

Its amazing these clowns don’t see themselves as thieves. They actually think they earn the “other people’s money” they keep trying to claim as their own. They get really pissed off when the government tries to right their thieving with taxes. But honestly with these clueless unethical clowns it really is better if the government uses the coercive tax mechanism to take back the money instead of using loop holes to allow them to continue to steward it, because they don’t steward it… It would still be economically sound if the government took 5x what its taking from them and burned it. No sense letting total fools spend it.

Another clown from their ranks was caught saying recently that Americans aren’t working hard enough, implying that the people who were thieved from need to work harder to replace the portion the government took from the thieves or cover the costs of the thieve’s gambling losses that they couldn’t trick the government into covering through shifting tax down the brackets and cannibalizing services.

Same clown bragged about cutting services for people who had their earned income stolen from them.

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