Reply to new user about safe vs tor

Its better than tor BUT its not yet released though we are really close!

Safe is being developed more than 20 years to achieve true anticensorship and anonymity


This is a wiki post and people can edit this to add points


  • like a secure proxy to connect to the clearnet through exit nodes
  • you can also stay within the tor network through hidden services.
  • still relies on servers, and hidden service servers can be penetrated and deanonymized.
  • slow to access sites
  • requires people to donate to act as nodes
  • battle tested


  • basic security/anonymous storage system
    • your activity cannot be tracked through the safe network
    • no servers to compromise
  • protocols allow secure (encrypted & anonymous)
    • messaging
    • Apps & sites run on your computer giving true anonymity is desired. There is no exit points to control to find which site you are connected to.
    • storage
    • free safecoin transfers
  • can’t connect to the clearnet
    • SAFE does not act like a proxy to any protocols on the internet. Be it the web, email (SMTP), news groups (NNTP), time services (NTP), DNS (Domain Name Service), or any other that are currently being used

What you mean by basic privacy/anonymity ?

Public files for instance are not private even though the author may be anonymous. But that is why i started the sub-points under it for people to add what is meant by privacy and anonymity on the safe network. There are a number of points about what is meant ans anyone can add/fix the points. I really only did a rough outline and if you think there is better terminology then please amend the wording/list

To say true or full privact and/or anonymity without qualifications could have people thinking they can say anything in a safe forum and not be found out

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So if you care only about own privacy, than until 33% compromised vaults there is no trick to find you?
If government will monitor all traffic they can only guess where you are based on non-decrypted data to/from your device?

Search sybil attack,

As in anonymity if a system is 100% anonymous they can still find who you are if you say your name or something that may pin point you

I sent this link to @met the day he was asking.

But that thread just recommends others.
Maybe we can get all the info into the wiki neo posted and use that as the place to send ppl who are asking.


If anyone wants to put all of @neo points plus any others Into a post I will have designed Into an info graphic and can post online to medium or hackernoon with a short write up.


Its a wiki so i hope everyone updates it with relevant points.