Replacing engines with batteries

I know this sounds a bit strange but this will be in essence what is happening everywhere. Solar cell to battery or battery to battery to electric motor/regen. Its almost as if, but not quite, that you could take a battery and replace the diesel engine on an electric drive train. Pretty much all trains are electric drive now. You could do the same with a lot of dump trucks and I think most tanks. The electric motor used to act as a higher quality transmission but now just going from battery to electric motor is a much better solution as higher density power cells with better characteristics are available. This will yield electric big rigs and airplanes and even ships. The idea that one battery can be used to charge another is by mechanical standards pretty strange. You’d assume it would be hard to get more than a leveling of the difference of potential but even that that may be more than enough.

In a nominal sense your ICE engine comes out of your car but a version of the alternator and battery remains. Its as if improvements in these two components pushed out the rest of the components.

This is a true revolution. The electric solution in a Tesla is as big an advance over an ICE engine solution as a LED bulb is over a candle. Even more strange because electric cars were there when Ford was building the Model A. Tech wasn’t good enough then. The electric light was around for a while before the first good light bulb.