Removing the need for copyright

On the SAFE network it will be difficult to defend copyrights and patents and so on. Is that bad? Yes, for how society works today it can be.

In the future however automation will more and more replace the need for human labour. This means that money can gradually be made obsolete. And without money, the need for copyright, patents and even for contracts starts to fade.

This means that money, even cryptocurrencies, are merely training wheels for primitive civilisations like our own at the moment. The same with calendar time which is useful yet should be optional, just like money. So in order to make the SAFE network work from a practical and long-term perspective the cost of storage needs to approach zero. And that is what will happen! Because as Ray Kurzweil has said, the price/performance of information technology doubles every year (and even the doubling becomes shorter and shorter).

Will then people continue to farm in the future if they earn less and less? Probably not. However even computing resources will start to become automated and free, and hopefully not turn into a Terminator Skynet. This means that in the future machines will run farms on the SAFE networks.

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Just a point to consider.

Patents don’t work the same as copyright.

The public are allowed to reproduce the item described in the patent for their personal use. The patents documentation can be copied unlike copyright.

Patents for physical and saleable items means that there is someone to sue for misuse of the patent. It will be a very small sector of patents that allow for totally anon misuse.

Copyright on the other hand can be infringed upon easily with an anon network and you have a point. But as we can see with the feeble attempts to sue torrent users, it already is difficult to defend copyrights.

Interesting that it’s allowed to use patents for personal use. However, with the increase of 3D printing even physical products will become more and more digital information. The SAFE network + 3D printing makes it difficult to protect patents too.

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