Removal of MaidSafe Assets from Bitker


Perhaps if we all retweet and shame them we could force a resolution.


I didn’t realize it was even a bilateral agreement of any kind. I thought they just decided to list MAID one day and the dev team was like yay lets give them a shout out.

It never goes like that. Exchanges generally require liquidity and a listing fee.

ya I have heard its like 100k to list your coin on binance. I think this is a new phenomenon though. Like who paid to get DOGE listed? I think until recently exchanges tried to pick coins that looked like non-scams with potential. Now they just like whoever comes with a suitcase of cash your in.

Still I would not think a smaller exchange like Bitker is in any position to make demands. Like who is gonna pay much for such small liquidity? Thats why I kinda thought they were just like hey MAID sounds like a coin that might bring us new customers lets list it without even bother to contact the devs.

I was able to withdraw my thousands o’ MAID on “2019-07-06” at “07:58:22”. My main trouble was logging in, which eventually worked. Then I had trouble finding out how to withdraw, which took quite a few steps figuring out their “fund address” setup.

I have absolutely no idea why they would selectively not allow certain people. Maybe I got lucky with some certain time to withdraw? Not sure what kind of messages they’re going back and forth with for Nick Lambert.


Not sure of the situation here, but typically this happens on exchanges when they don’t have the coins required to fulfill everyone’s withdraw requests. They do some withdraws still so that the game of musical chairs keeps running (new deposits keep coming in and trading fees keep being collected).

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Hey @nicklambert , can you tell if you were able to get back all MAID before they being hacked?

Hi @dimitar. No, so far we’ve not been able to recover our funds. We’ve been pursuing alternatives to recover these over recent weeks so I can’t say too much about it but given the information that’s been filtering out so far, it doesn’t look very promising I’m afraid. Irrespective of money, this episode is particularly frustrating as despite carrying out as much diligence as we could at the time, we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time chasing them in a number of different ways over the past weeks in our efforts to get visibility/our funds back/warning other people. Again, I can’t say too much in case it prejudices any actions that we might take - but you can be assured that we’re not fans of Bitker… BTW we received the notification today that they were closing via a mass Telegram notification in exactly the same way as every other user of the exchange.


Can you see what the Bitker MAID addresses are and give them to the other exchanges to block them and prevent the “hacker” from selling them?

I am afraid “hacker” is Bitker itself and coins are already sold.


Still like the wild West out there

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It’d be great if Fleming’s launch is paired with a reputable exchange listing (or two). While listing fees are really annoying and the priority is of course delivering the SAFE Network, my top picks would be as follows:


Cool, ask him to list MAID:) I will be first one to create buy wall there.


Haha, we’ve certainly chatted a ton about MAID, but sadly that’s not how listings happen


Genuine question, do either of you believe the current Gatekeepers of the decentralisation movement remain in their current form in 2/5/10 years time?

Particularly how will SafeCoin fall into that future equation with its focus on unwavering Privacy?

MaidSafes vision and steady hand have seen us dodge a bunch of bullets, May they continue to…

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Not sure about Fleming, or is Fleming the new name of Beta launch?

If so then I agree.

But also think lots more things are needed. Perhaps even an additional, beginner-focused forum and help sites for the masses.

If this really gets as big as we dreamed, I don’t really think we’re fit for all the activity. Need to kinda get back to the simple basics that people will need, to understand. There’s lots of iterations. Launcher, Peruse conversations etc and things have changed so much so often.

What do you guys think, about ways to restart as simplistic as possible, to really get adopted? Just random thoughts off the top of my head. Our current releases only get tested by the same few people each time, because it’s still a bit heady and involved, to get up and running from here.

Once it’s truly ready, ofc though.


All the dated stuff on the forum needs to be purged and I agree that it needs to be used friendly before anything major occurs



Have you and your friend talked about the infrastructure needed to support Safecoin?
Its not a blockchain coin so doesn’t do self accounting via an inbuilt ledger.

They may need to create a perpetual database on the SAFENetwork to keep a record of transactions.

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