Remaining on-topic on the forum for the common good

[My following comment is regarding a topic which was deleted after I had written this. As I don’t wish to waste effort and I believe I have some value to offer, I’ll create a more general topic with it. Perhaps others who agree that standard forum conduct here should include that off-topic content is simply disallowed would like to <3 or comment. Ostentatiously categorized development as I believe it’s so intrinsic to productivity]

Indeed. And I believe you’d have some merit to your argument, as @SwissPrivateBanker would his, and the exchange could be fruitful for those engaged.

However that assumes that it, as off-topic for the forum, is properly isolated from the on-topic discussion, which is why everyone is here. Being off-topic, and this distraction it introduces to the project, has been my original thrust in each of the few social or political topics I’ve participated in.

People could [falsely] assume my position on a matter from that, but it’s about avoiding these things which are tangential at best and divide our effort of common good, not that they aren’t important.


Discussion about the contents of this forum and its moderation can be had in #meta. Please don’t continue old threads there either.