Remaining on-topic on the forum for the common good (take 2)

[Original post Remaining on-topic on the forum for the common good closed, continuing here (#meta) as requested]

In brief, I propose that off-topic discussion of any kind be disallowed on the forum.

Moderators have been discussing this for some time already. I’m personally not entirely against your suggestion. But one of the problems is defining what is On topic.



I would define it, at least in spirit, as anything that is directly related to advancing SAFE. In letter, I understand there are difficult edge cases.

As a moderator would you share some of your most challenging examples?

I’m confident that we can develop a reasonable, shared understanding of what it means.

I would prefer not to.

I’m personally waiting for some other mods to wake up and take part. It’s getting late here, so I may not be up when/if that happens.

We have taken the approach on some offtopic stuff that if it is minor then no use moving it.

What I refer to is things like a joke/humor or interesting side fact (unrelated) and similar things. These may be 1 to a few posts in the topic. Some see them annoying, some ignore them, some see them as humanising the forum, etc.

@anon57419684 is the above things what you are referring to, or only the more significant things that more take a topic offtopic?

Also are you proposing that #offtopic be removed and such topics not allowed?

As @Sascha mentioned we have considering what can be done and the need to discuss it with the forum members.

This and more; off-topic comments should also be disallowed.

I was referring to the #offtopic category. Is that in your suggestion to remove it too.


There should be no off-topic content on the forum whatsoever.

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This is extreme and a good way to drain life out of the community. Posts that are abusive, harassing, etc. should obviously be removed. Otherwise, you are perfectly capable of not reading what you don’t want to read.



I disagree. I think

is extreme, and reflects poorly on the project. There’s no reason why such nonsense should take place here.

It would be good of there could be more strict consequences for deliberate political posts and personal attacks, atleast for awhile until situation improves.

Suggestion would be to hand out warnings and timeout until community harming posts decreases.

When a forum member time after time gets their posts flagged repeatedly in a short time frame, without the member seems interested in changing behavior, then I wish mods could give warnings and timeout until change happens.

Safenetwork should be like a public road or beach, it should not scare people off in most cases.

Main focus should be development of the Safe-network and sub political discussions related to the tech, freedom of speach, internet freedom, security and similar.

It would be good if mods can announce a stricter stance on political posts and personal attacks until forum improves.

We don’t want the risk of scaring newcomers and regulars who might benefit development with unique skills.

The pandemic have given challenges even in this forum and things happens, when forum memebers don’t feel like contributing because of bad enviroment then somethings needs to be done. I have been contacted by members who concern about the enviroment on the forum. It is good mods talk about this. I think it is important to find a balance because it is important to also have a thriving forum as @Sotros25 mentioned, topics like “what’s Up today” makes people come and visit the forum and engage, who are not only harcore developers. That is also very important for the Safe-network. Sorry for a long post

It would seem that some folk just cannot see irony…

It was an effing joke and all participants in the thread realised it as such

Too many oh-so-ready-to-be-offended “freedom”-lovers in here.

Death (by one means or another) is what gets handed out to those who oppose capitalism. Seems you are too much of a Proud Boy to realise this - or are completely happy with it…

If in doubt try to shut down opposing voices.

This is a software! development forum. There are forum for political voices, twitter, facebook, youtube and so on.

Safenetforum is a forum for software development, it is not a place to be used as a political platform, things have gone way too far and needs to change.

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I actually don’t believe that. You’re clearly a miserable ideologue and I suspect you do wish you weren’t too weak to commit violence.

You also certainly enjoy using the forum as your toilet. For example:

Irrespective of whatever immature accusation you have today, you behaving this way on this forum is pathetic and shameful.

However I don’t blame a deranged individual such as yourself, I blame the mods such as @Sascha for continuing to allow your abuse and disruption.

The @moderators have a difficult job to do, and I think they are doing that job remarkably well. How many people are in this thread complaining about this? This forum in particular attracts the kind of people who are more likely to privilege freedom of speech over censorship—even when they vehemently disagree. There are many things said on this forum (as is the case in every community in which I participate) with which I do not agree, and sometimes may even find offensive. However, I choose to disregard those things that do not cause injury, and directly call out those things that I think should be addressed.


I agree that I don’t believe it was jokes or ironi, the whole situation with logo and other posts in “what’s up today” suggest a serious agenda.

Blaming individual mods I believe is wrong, if a difficult situation emerges then it would be good if mods make collective decisions on how to respond and act.

If it bothers you that much, snowflake, the moderators have provided a handy “ignore” function.

On several occasions I have provided screen shots of exactly how to use it.

Smartarses of a easily-triggered nature such as your good self, sir, can no doubt find that functionality for themselves.

Use it and take your pathetic whining elsewhere, pal.

Well now, thats quite the allegation. Its very easy to make that allegation when you are an ocean away.
Feeling lucky?

This is a Software development forum. Political discussions should be very limited if it is not in a direct relation with development of the software.

No matter believes, this is not the place to use as a political platform.