Release: SAFE.NetworkDrive on Windows v.0.1.0-alpha.1


Some notes for anyone trying to compile this project:

  • uses .netcore 3 preview as described in the dependencies, so this also requires VS2019 RC
  • to get Visual Studio to use .net core 3.0 as target, I had to create a global.json file by running ‘dotnet new globaljson’ as per
  • missing ‘packages’ folder, so some referenced assemblies will be missing -> either grab them from the zip of binaries and recreate the packages folder structure, or better yet grab the source for those assemblies from and add those projects to the solution (and update references)


Hi @drehb , thanks for that.
I used VS 2019 Preview 3-4, but they are interchangeable. Never had to add any global.json though, maybe that’s something of 2019 RC?
I was about to make a nuget for SAFE.AppendOnlyDb, but it’ll be in next version, so it can be restored without hassle.
Anyways, thanks!


Oh and one more note - the location and secret fields both have to be at least 5 chars or it won’t do anything


That’s right, and for Username and Password it’s 3/3 IIRC. But it doesn’t have any feedback there either. It will all come though :slight_smile:
And it’s not a sane validation, so more effort will go into that part as well.


while I have your attention, is there a way to wipe our mock vault and start over? Just delete a mock vault file? location? thx


Sure absolutely.
Just delete it
There’s a db file in the exe folder that you want to delete as well. There will be one per drive.


If you are willing to take the hit (I wouldn’t recommend it though, but in case you are) maybe you can try reproduce the BSOD on renaming/moving the first folder? Haven’t confirmed that it’s happening on various machines. It’s likely not something I will be able to do much about, but I can still collect more information to the dokan team so that they hopefully can get it pinned down.

EDIT: I updated the instructions now, here and on the release page.


Great explanation. Thanks for that @oetyng. Super interesting to read about what you’ve got going on here.

And now for the first time in a long time I’m lamenting not having Windows! :open_mouth:


Yup, got it when trying to add a folder to the root of the drive.


Thanks for confirming that @drehb :+1:

Except from some issue purely on dokan side, there’s a possibility that something indirectly is configured in a way that would lead to this.
I have since a while ruled out direct implementation error, as when debugging, it does not even reach my code from the driver - the error happens before it.

So I will need to spend time finding out from other dokan users (or the maintainers) what could possibly be configured/done wrong on my end as to indirectly lead to such. Alternatively encourage them to fix an issue they’ve had since 2017 that they suggested as related, and hope it really was.

I’ve thought since I saw it a couple of weeks back that it’s not the lowest hanging fruit of this tree, so I will probably not get bogged down with that quite yet, and instead continue focus on developing the rest of the application.