Release: SAFE Browser v0.11.0

Looks like I have found another problem:
Loading of this website requires 3 GiB of RAM available!
If you click on reload button (why F5 is not working?), Private Bytes usage becomes 6 GiB etc (until all of your RAM is used).

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Works OK for me. I’m not seeing that problem


requires 3 GiB of RAM available!

Wow! I’m certainly not experiencing that… :confused:

It takes a bit of time to load because of the piccies (I’m guessing) but my SAFE Browser is using a lot less memory than Firefox and about 18 other apps. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open in case others report any such issues.



It’s not a problem for me to make a video.


No trouble with the safe maidsafe website, either.

With other tabs open (patter, webID, Playground Tool, SAFE Toolbox) the safe browser use 682MB.

But the resize fails…(windows 10)


Impressive progress. Well done


I’m not sure who manages this site, but it still seems to link to old versions.


I think it’s worth linking @whiteoutmashups iirc this was one of his many projects to support the network


…or wasn’t it you @frabrunelle

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Ooooh cant wait too play around on the weekend.


I can’t seem to share a song by posting to my own timeline. The post turns up but the attached file doesn’t.

with vinegar - none of that sauce mince, mind


Are you one Alpha2? if so, can you share you webid? so I can try to post with a file

I’m on Alpha2. Truth be told, I’m still confused about the whole WebID, but I think mine is “sascha”.

@Sascha I just posted a comment with an image in your safe://nature.sascha webid, try to see if you can open the file I shared there.
Are you clicking on the “Share File” button and selecting the file you wanna attach? it should then show the file name there, once you see that you click “Post” and it should be ok


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I saw your picture, but I’m not able to post the song to your timeline either. @bochaco

Are you able to select the file after you click “Share File” button? if so, do you see something like this (the filename you selected) before clicking the “Post” button?

Apparently I’m able to share a .jpg to both my own timeline and yours, but not an .mp3.

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Right, cool @Sascha, I see you shared this safe://hygjurftyqsco9zotzg5j48dhzwhbutf551mmgi5qt5jwebkhgw17qq8q64mo, so yes perhaps we are having an issue there with some mime types in Patter, I’ll take a look at it and report it in the Patter repo, or if you have the chance would be nice you report it too. Thanks a lot!

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I have the feeling your report may turn out to make more sense than mine would. :slight_smile: Also, I have to be going to bed now. But I’m glad if I managed to find a little bug.

I would love to just trash everything I’ve done since the last network reset and start afresh, but I guess that’s not possible. I don’t play with this stuff every day, and I easily forget what I did earlier and why. Does anybody have any idea of when the next complete Safe Network reset will take place?

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