Release: SAFE Authenticator Mobile v0.1.1

That’s something I could have maybe expanded on.

A couple of Android updates ago (I think) the method of allowing installation of apps from unknown sources changed from a single master setting to having to allow for each app trying to do the install.

I’ll see if I can find a better worded version of that…



Hey @happybeing
We were able to reproduce this issue on architecture armeabi-v7a when API level <23. The issue is with the android-ndk tool chain used to build the native libraries. We will get it sorted, update the SafeAuthenticator APK and get back to you.


Well it seems to work well on 16yo Lagavulin with Android 7.0 :tumbler_glass: … but I couldn’t login to existing account… having transferred the password over USB to double check, I’m not sure what’s occurring that’s stopping it.

edit: Using a new invitation code (thanks @JPL) and creating a new account, it just works™!

Simple download and run, is ideal.

The only issue I saw from the functioning otherwise was that copying the invitation code, doesn’t present a pop that suggests the code has been copied to clipboard, which is always useful to see… but that is the website, so full marks for the Authenticator itself. :smiley:

The other thought was the typing of a long password on the phone is a pina; so, hoping in future to be able to trigger a new account with fingerprint… given there’s no difference with a plain text password stored or typed in for real security of that.



Anybody done this yet? I recently acquired a iPhone 7+ and would like to give it a go.


hey @upstate, I can help you with this.

You will need a mac machine to build the app for iPhone. Also, I can send you the links and instruction to download and install required tools.


Much appreciation!—


Hey @upstate,

  1. You will need to install VisualStudio on your Mac.

  2. Install Xcode.

  3. Create a free provisioning to run Xamarin.iOS apps on your device.

  • This Does not require you to be a part of the Apple Developer Program
  • Includes creating a signing identityand a provisioning profile

If you have any queries feel free to let us know.


Much appreciation! Hoping to get a chance to give it a try this weekend.


Hi @happybeing,

We have released a patch version v0.1.2 of the SafeAuthenticator mobile application. :tada: This includes the fix for the issue on older Android devices.

The issue was with the way the native libraries used by the authenticator were built from safe_client_libs. We’ve updated the native libraries and fixed a few other minor bugs. For more information have a look at the change log.

However, we are still having an issue with supporting API level 16, you can find more information in the GitHub repository.

Thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile:


Great news @AshwinKumar, thanks for highlighting it for me. What version of Android does this require now? I don’t understand API levels.


Android 4.2+ (armeabi-v7a, x86_64) should work fine.

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Just to save a click for anyone interested on this :point_up: point here, here’s the Xamarin issue on GH…


Has anyone tried this update? I’ve installed on two devices and both fail to login with “Could not connect to SAFE Network”.

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Can you try to update your IP on and then try logging in again.


Update works ok for me…


Of course, forgot about that on my android devices. I have now logged in on each in turn (different IP on every device!).

Great stuff @AshwinKumar! Thanks.


Wanted to say, this is amazing. I’m on android, and the app is slick!
Great stuff.


Will the mobile chat app work with this authenticator? Anyone have a link to the mobile chat app if so.

Auto-connect feature is great! Would like to see login by fingerprint also.

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Hi Zoki,

I don’t think the APK works with the latest authenticator but here’s the repo…


@Zoki just to follow up on @DGeddes post above, as David said, the apk in the release tab for safe-email-app-csharp won’t work with the latest authenticator, but pretty recent testing showed that building the app yourself from the readme instructions should get it up and running with the latest SAFE Authenticator Mobile