Release: SAFE Authenticator Mobile v0.1.1

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve updated the SAFE Authenticator for mobile (Android and iOS).

The SAFE Authenticator acts as a gateway to the SAFE Network and allows you to control and manage what access and permissions that you give to other SAFE Apps.

Download the latest Android APK or get the source code to build it for yourself from our GitHub repo here!

So what’s changed?

Well, we’ve given the UI a complete refresh with highlights being:

  • Adding a launch screen
  • Adding a Settings page
  • Adding a Tutorial page for showcasing features
  • and more

Screenshots from Android phone:

Minimum Device Requirements

  • Android 4.1+ (armeabi-v7a, x86_64)
  • iOS 8+ (ARM64, x64)

Installing on your device

  • Android: Download the APK and install it (you’ll need to enable installation of 3rd party apps from unknown sources).
  • iOS: You need to build the app from the source code.

Getting connected to the Network

Just in case you need to register (or update) your IP address to access the SAFE Network then here’s a quick reminder:

  • Log in to the Forum using your normal browser and gain basic trust level if you don’t already have it.
  • Visit
  • Click on the SAFE Network logo.
  • Select ‘Alpha 2’.
  • Set (or update) your registered IP.
  • Copy and paste the invitation token into the Invitation field on the Authenticator.
    (this step is only required when creating an account to begin with)

Cool. :clap:

What are the device requirements?


Minimum Device Requirements

  • Android 4.1+ (armeabi-v7a, x86_64)
  • iOS 8+ (ARM64, x64)


Device: acer B1-770 tablet
Android: 5.0.1

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (GT–I19195)
Android: 4.4.2

Identical issue with both…

Installs fine, onboarding screens respond fine, but once on the login page nothing responds to taps. All I can do is exit the app. Tried uninstall /re-install (as first install was an update) but no difference.


Thanks for reporting the issue, we’ll try to reproduce this issue and get back.


Good point.

We’ll get that in the OP.

Thanks, HB.



Well, I tried to add these to my phone and tablet, but after, “installation” they don’t show up anywhere, even after searching for, “safe” & “auth”?

Never mind, I figured it out, I needed to add my File Manager to the 3rd party apps installer.

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Hey @SalvorinFex the SAFE Authenticator icon looks like this:


That’s something I could have maybe expanded on.

A couple of Android updates ago (I think) the method of allowing installation of apps from unknown sources changed from a single master setting to having to allow for each app trying to do the install.

I’ll see if I can find a better worded version of that…



Hey @happybeing
We were able to reproduce this issue on architecture armeabi-v7a when API level <23. The issue is with the android-ndk tool chain used to build the native libraries. We will get it sorted, update the SafeAuthenticator APK and get back to you.


Well it seems to work well on 16yo Lagavulin with Android 7.0 :tumbler_glass: … but I couldn’t login to existing account… having transferred the password over USB to double check, I’m not sure what’s occurring that’s stopping it.

edit: Using a new invitation code (thanks @JPL) and creating a new account, it just works™!

Simple download and run, is ideal.

The only issue I saw from the functioning otherwise was that copying the invitation code, doesn’t present a pop that suggests the code has been copied to clipboard, which is always useful to see… but that is the website, so full marks for the Authenticator itself. :smiley:

The other thought was the typing of a long password on the phone is a pina; so, hoping in future to be able to trigger a new account with fingerprint… given there’s no difference with a plain text password stored or typed in for real security of that.



Anybody done this yet? I recently acquired a iPhone 7+ and would like to give it a go.


hey @upstate, I can help you with this.

You will need a mac machine to build the app for iPhone. Also, I can send you the links and instruction to download and install required tools.


Much appreciation!—


Hey @upstate,

  1. You will need to install VisualStudio on your Mac.

  2. Install Xcode.

  3. Create a free provisioning to run Xamarin.iOS apps on your device.

  • This Does not require you to be a part of the Apple Developer Program
  • Includes creating a signing identityand a provisioning profile

If you have any queries feel free to let us know.


Much appreciation! Hoping to get a chance to give it a try this weekend.


Hi @happybeing,

We have released a patch version v0.1.2 of the SafeAuthenticator mobile application. :tada: This includes the fix for the issue on older Android devices.

The issue was with the way the native libraries used by the authenticator were built from safe_client_libs. We’ve updated the native libraries and fixed a few other minor bugs. For more information have a look at the change log.

However, we are still having an issue with supporting API level 16, you can find more information in the GitHub repository.

Thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile:


Great news @AshwinKumar, thanks for highlighting it for me. What version of Android does this require now? I don’t understand API levels.


Android 4.2+ (armeabi-v7a, x86_64) should work fine.

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