Relative difficulty beyond PARSEC Milestone 2

Now that most of the ground work for milestone two has been laid how does the implementation of milestones 3 & 4 compare to the effort applied to the implementation of milestone 2. Where are we in terms of completion % of MS2? At which milestone does alpha 3 become a reality? Where do we go from there? I know vaults from home is the goal but what needs to be done and how much effort relative to MS2 is needed to make it happen?

I know I speak for many when I say that a more detailed checklist helps to maintain enthusiasm when watching it being ticked off with greater frequency. Like earning micro safecoin as opposed to waiting much longer to earn an entire coin. Following the repository is great but a quick glance representation of progress for the less technical is encouraging for those following less closely. They constitute the majority and usually bring the most attention to these types of projects.

P.S. where’s @polpolrene ?!!

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His public profile says he was here 5 hours ago. he replied to a topic in the last week here SAFE Network Dev Update - September 6, 2018 - #9 by polpolrene


I’d say you are looking at aminimum of 6months plus before A3. Not that I really know but based on the amount of whitepapers and testing required


I thought there were only 3 milestones?

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there are 3 milestones, lets hope the 3rd one is the easiest and fastest to complete if so then we should have alpha 3 this year , maybe as a christmas gift


anybody have a link to what milestone 3 consisted of?

The integration of PARSEC into routing and the upgrade of the CRUST lib used there for secure serialisation, bootstrap cache etc.



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