Regarding Safe sites and Google AdSense


I have a computer tutorial site that I have been running since 2011 and would be very interested in being able to have the site available on the Safe network as well as on the clear net. (regular internet that people see at the mo)

Firstly, will there be a simple way for site owners to be able to FTP/copy-paste their sites, possibly via SafePress (if that is an option) or via FileZilla (or similar) to the Safenet from MVP launch, or is this a future release that is being worked on.

Secondly, will site owners be able to use Google AdSense (not AdWords in my case) still on the sites that are hosted on the Safe network? My site is approx 48GB in size, so would large sites cause an issue?

I currently pay $97 per month for hosting, so trying to figure out what it may cost for me, and other website owners, to host my site on the Safe network.

Does that make sense?

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All important questions! (And I suggest a good argument for those currently against PtP in other threads - I’ll come to that after answering your specific questions though).

Yes, it will be easy. Static html websites can just be uploaded directly (even now there is a demo_app that does just this, though with some alpha bugs). Dynamic websites are a different question because there is no server to run PHP/sever side scripts. For more on that, see the links posted above and indeed SAFEpress.

I’m guessing your website is not static html, so will not be that straightforward, unless you could convert it. I’m sure to start with lots of people will generate static versions of existing websites until this issue becomes clearer and new solutions like SAFEpress emerge.

There is nothing to stop you embedding Adsense at this stage, but there soon will be, and you will find yourself exposed to bad press from the natural followers of this project, because to allow it undermines the privacy, security and freedom goals of the network. Which is why there will no doubt be a browser that will not allow those links (or any other linked to the old web - only requests that go to SAFEnetwork). Users of that browser will not access or see adverts or any other content outside SAFEnetwork.

The good news about not having servers is that your costs will be much much lower, because you won’t have to pay for running them! You will pay only for the initial upload of your website, and when you upload a change. These fees will be very competitive, but are set dynamically by the network so we can’t give you figures (and they will be paid in Safecoin to the network itself). Also, no matter how popular your website gets, it will never fall over due to demand because SAFEnetwork acts like a content delivery system, at no extra cost to you. No DDoS attacks (or hacking of your servers) ever!

But you will still want to monetise! This is where PtP (Pay the Producer) comes in, a contentious proposal because some feel strongly against it, and others strongly for it. For this reason it will not be implemented initially, but will be revisited later, and may be added after all the essentials are up and running, precisely because it provides a great alternative to all the existing models for generating revenue, including advertising that few people actually like. I think most people here agree that the existing models are not working well in terms of producers or consumers, because they allow for centralisation and control by a small number of big corporations who can then manipulate them for profit, at the expense of the majority of producers and consumers. But not everyone thinks SAFEnetwork should attempt to deal with this, though I’m not aware of any alternative proposals that could.

In a nutshell, PtP works analogous to farming Safecoin. Farmers are people, many ordinary individuals, who provide the physical infrastructure of the network by sharing some spare disk space and bandwidth from their computers, allowing the SAFEnetwork to function.

Farmers get a chance to earn Safecoin every time a chunk of data they hold is retrieved and sent to an end user. In SAFEnetwork jargon, there is a “farming attempt” for every “GET”.

If we implement PtP (Pay the Producer), whenever a farmer gets paid for delivering a chunk, a smaller amount of Safecoin will also be paid to the uploader of that chunk. Since the rewards are linked, the uploader would get about 10% as much as a farmer gets, but the absolute amount will depend on how much the network has to pay to obtain resources from farmers, which is designed to fluctuate according to supply and demand. It’s a farmers’ market, boom boom! :wink:

There is another, also contentious, proposal for PtD (Pay the Developer), to reward developers of popular apps.

Hope that helps. I’d love to see your website be there when the network goes live. It will be a crazy time :slight_smile:


Excellent! Managing the newest entrants to the wacky world of Maid requires poise. @happybeing brings it.

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@happybeing That was a great reply, so thank you for that. I do see the issue regarding having Google AdSense added (the ability for people to have ads on their sites) as it would indeed be a huge privacy issue as Google tracks who clicks on what in order to evaluate their browsing habits/interests, which would also be a no-no to me for this platform as it would go against the ethos of what the Safe network is building.

I did have a play last week when the testnet was released in creating my own identity and uploading a small image, and was really excited to see just how easy it was, which is what got me thinking as to how to get my clear net site made available to the Safe network. I understand that it would initially be for static sites until an app is made available for people to create/upload dynamic sites. One way to get dynamic sites may be to have the upload app (I’m guessing here) initially upload the main site (with the option to not include Google AdSense plugin for wordpress/other type of sites) and then to check every 1hr/4hr/1 day etc for any changes to the available upload data. I’m thinking like how some backup software works in that they can do incremental/differential backups which save re-uploading the whole site again just to include an extra tutorial/post/updated plugin on that site.

On the monitising end of things, I actually don’t really care (I know others may which is why it will be a contentious issue) about making money on my site as it was originally created for new to average computer users to have a place for easy to follow tutorials on how to do certain things on their computers or using certain software. (Photoshop etc) However, if PtP works, as I now understand it, site owners won’t have the large overheads of hosting fees to worry about as hosting the site/s on the Safe network will be significantly cheaper and more secure (site security being a biggy for me for protecting users against malicious drive-bys/infections) and they would get some Safecoin every time users frequent their site. The app developers who create an easy way to manage static/dynamic sites would also get paid by the site/content creator every time their apps are used.

It really is very exciting seeing and reading about the potential for the Safe network. Glad things are happening now.

Thank you also @goindeep for the links that you provided.

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