Regardin click baits and fake things


I wonder if private communications were ever private in history.
Mails were opened with vapor and resealed, the FBI has been tapping phones since Bell invented the phone, people would listen to private conversations through the wall… etc…

With public access to modern cryptography I think it is the first time in history that we reached a level of being untamperable (especially with OTR messaging) and soon with the SafeNetwork it won’t even be possible to detect who is who and from where.


It was easy enough really. And I am talking before technology. Over the past 100 years its been increasing becoming more difficult.

Phone taping in the early days was rare compared to number of conversations. Now they can effectively tap any call and record all thanks to android and apple. Through the wall, just talk quietly to be private. Private conversations were easy, now its hard.

Except our government is telling google and apple and everyone else that they have to assist the police to decrypt all (to the best of their ability) or else face a fine up to 10 million dollars per request. And that includes authorising them to back door their Australian sold software/products. Only companies that do not have an Australian office or servers in Australia are except for obvious reasons.

And this is the true safety that SAFE will bring. clickbait and scamming are nothing compared to this surveillance we now have. And the OP wanted to have all that surveillance and whitelisting in SAFE core that even the Chinese government doesn’t yet have on the normal internet (close but not complete)


yeah, i think that too, @neo should stop mansplaining everything and quit the disgusting toxic masculinity.

@neo what would you do if there is someone like hitler on the safe network, or to even worsen the situation trump? Wouldn’t we need a good big brother, who’s watching over us? Like Lenin or Stalin who is able to fight Hitler?


So @urrtag, how would you stop him from having an account? (Yes I am not going to mention goodwin’s law)

Whatever method you use then any authority could use it to silence say yourself because you did not pay a parking fine (assuming you had one). Yes our state government blocks people from opening accounts because of unpaid parking fines.

You really cannot have both t the ability to block someone without the ability to block genuine people at the whim of governments.

So @urrtag after bad mouthing me, what would you suggest is the method to use? One that stops the baddies and lets everyone else.

Mind you in South Africa decades ago they jailed as a really bad man (compared to the worse communist leaders) yet the man was proved to be right and so much so a couple of decades later he became the leader of South Africa with legitimate democratic elections

By invoking Hitler it is usually considered you have already lost the argument.


Yes, the good Big Brother should fight Hitler in a WWE match or something.


Why always big brother? It can be different: look at Kim Jung Un, he has chosen his little, younger sister, not his big, older brother :wink:



Mansplaining would imply that he is patronizing women with his explanations, how does that even apply here? I didn’t even know there were women in this thread.
I find it funny when insecure people find everything condescending when the interlocutor is just simply trying to be thorough with their explanations, but from there to jump to find sexism everywhere is just ridiculous.

In no place in @neo’s argument is conveying that he is extra verbose just because someone in this thread is a woman, so please hold your projections for someplace else.

Please attack the arguments and leave the ad-hominems aside.


I recall a suggestion from someone in one of those threads that said we could trust certain parties so a mechanism like that could be built in and in contrast a non trust feature.


Yes as an APP, not a core feature as the OP wanted.