Reg : omnicore error


I have installed omnicore from github. But i got some error after 518496 block count reached.

Check the attachment.

omnicored: omnicore/omnicore.cpp:2754: bool CMPTxList::LoadFreezeState(int): Assertion `txnsLoaded >= 2’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Kindly guide me how to fix the issue.

I think you will find most here dont use omnicore.

I would try contacting the omni team.


Hi, I use OmniCore. Although its slow and somewhat out of date it still has the advantage that it is the ONLY means to fully validate your own MAID transactions.

What are the circumstances of your error?
Is this a completely default set up, syncing from the genesis block? Or do you have your own wallet in there with existing addresses/transactions/utxos/etc?

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