Referred here from Discord: Safe Network x Handshake partnership?

Hey Safe Network Community,

I’m visiting from the (HNS) Handshake community and wanted to see whether there’s anyone who’d be open to finding time to chat about a potential collaboration?

For context, Handshake is a project focused on decentralizing the root zone (to decentralize control of domain names from ICANN) with the goal of replacing Certificate Authorities (to rehaul Internet security and privacy), and I think there are a ton of potential synergies between our respective projects. That said, I wanted to chat with someone knowledgable about Safe Network to see whether our 2 projects are even a right fit for each other.

Thanks a bunch!


Hi @johnnywu,

@happybeing is very deep in Safe waters and maybe he’ll have the time to say if it’s possible to make something together.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Awesome, thanks so much for the referral!

Hey @happybeing, is there any way I can reach you via DMs? Would love to find a time you’re free to chat about Safe Network!

I’m sorry John, I don’t have time to get into something like this one to one. There are plenty of folk here who can discuss Safe Network though and I may chip in, but I suggest you start by creating a topic and explain what you’d like to know and why.


If you outline what you are after then it will help. We don’t use DNS at all as we have a full addressable xor network with a name resolution mechanism in place. So our approach is a fully decentralised naming system where each name and sub names are claimed by anyone in perpetuity. They can pass ownership to others or create new versions pointing to new resources found by SafeUrl which is a locator for almost any service, wesite, blog. chat. node, chunk, private chunk, register etc.

Hope that helps

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Ah this was actually very helpful! Interesting that DNS isn’t used at all, does that mean those connected to Safe Network aren’t able to visit

It’s sounding like Handshake might not be a good match for Safe Network but I’m pretty intrigued by your project nonetheless. It kinda sounds like decentralized naming (like ENS or Handshake) and decentralizing storage (like IPFS or Filecoin) all wrapped into one, is that an accurate analogy?


Nope - Safe browser will not be connected to the old-net for security reasons. Fully decentralized storage - kinda like torrents and permanent pay-once store forever model. Also network encrypts data, so no way to tell what is stored where - in that sense I think it is better than IPFS/filecoin or torrents.

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That’s a good summary!

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Yes, Safe is self contained, but folk will build bridges that will use the old web/net I am sure. For us though it’s like tor with no dns/http


AHH thank you so much for the clarification, this makes a LOT of sense now. In that case as @dirvine shared, anything with Handshake would require a bridge to the old net.

Interesting stuff! Safe Network is building an entirely brand new web wheras Handshake is about fixing the old web. Perhaps down the line we might cross paths again haha.

Now just for my own curiosity sake, it kinda sounds like Safe Network clones could be really useful for companies to set up as a sort of “internal, private web” that only their employees and/or customers can access, is that kinda the direction you’re headed? Or is it more about onboarding the masses to a newer Internet?


Yes this, but companies will also set up internal networks too I would imagine. It’s more secure not to though.