Redirecting safecoin deposits


Ok I’m not sure if this is built into the system or if this would require an app. But say I had x amount of funds and I wanted to redistribute it to a wide amount of people. I wanted to set up account a b and c. Accounts A would in turn automattically redistribute funds to accounts a1 and a2, a1 would get say 40% of the contents of account A and a2 would get 60%. Account B would have a series of sub accounts and split it’s funds equally. Account C would pay a list of users for services and products. Basically I’m wondering if such a system could be devised using smart contracts and is it already established on the SAFE network or is it something that needs to be built?

Our SAFE Apps site is 100% DONE!
Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

This would be an app I think I did see a German presentation for exactly a wallet app like that for bitcoin. I was very impressed, but have not heard anything about it since. Be good to get it refactored for SAFE.

Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

Awesome and I agree. Posted in the APP idea thread. What I’m thinking is this could be a voluntary alternative to taxation. You choose where to donate and it can be distributed far and wide according to varius rule sets.