Redirecting from a centralized hosted website to a Safe Network decentralized one

Hello Community:

To start, I am very excited about the SAFE Network decentralized technology. I have worked as a web developer for a couple of years now mainly with PHP, JavaScript and lately angularJS. I am new to the decentralized concept, but the more I learn about it, in terms of privacy, the more exciting it becomes.
I will attempt to set up simple website on the decentralized server today.

A question just came up is: Is it possible to redirect from a website hosted in a centralized one, to a decentralized one. How secure is it? In terms of sending POST data from one to the other.

Any answers will be greatly appreciated.




So far we have erred on the side of SAFE or not SAFE (clearnet). The challenges of mixing both are not easy to overcome. It’s tough as it’s easy to mix both and makes people feel it’s simple, but it leaks security and privacy in ways that would easily allow SAFE browsing to become almost as open as clearnet. So for now it’s best to keep it separate IMHO.



I will check out the GitHub code. I will love to contribute if possible.


I would hope that something along these lines gets built. Imo there will be a demand for this and I think if done right, will be one of the killer apps.
There are some very smart peeps lurking here …so expect it. IMHO.


I’ve done this on many testnets in the past, but for some of the data to come through on the SAFE Network you need to toggle the SAFE browser, this means that your decentralized website is not really secure, because obviously the clearnet is not. Our tests were primarily with api calls.

Hmmmm which decentralized server will you use? to my knowledge there is none at the moment. Aws Lambda gives hints to serverless apps and is also talking about serverless apps, maybe in the future we can use some of blockstack their tools on the SAFE Network. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry I missed your question :slight_smile:
I meant creating a website using the Safe Network API (the launcher)!

BTW: I downloaded the V.0.8.0 and V0.10.0, but can’t connect to the Safe Network. Any ideas why I can’t connect?

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There’s no test network at the moment. Check the developer update Thursday evening for news - I expect one soon, maybe the following week.


Thanks for the info @happybeing :slight_smile: