Reddit Thread on R/CryptoCurrency about top picks for 2018

Hi guys,

I’ve just made a post on this thread:

I’ve mentioned Maidsafe in my top picks and think we should all try and get involved in this sub and this post because it has a massive amount of subscribers, probably the highest i’ve seen on the Crypto subs. I think a lot of what gets posted here has a decent influence on where people’s attention is going. Be good if we can get Maidsafe mentioned quite a bit to help with the exposure.


Good post, Sonder. It is amazing how much the new coins are mentioned and the old ones forgotten. The slow burners are bound to have their day sooner or later.

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Dude raiblocks jumped 100x and people seem pretty happy to pour more in lol. And raiblocks was literally a single part time dev until last week.

Now $4bn market cap for using a blockchain per account, proof of stake and no mining. I don’t doubt that it is novel, but $4bn from $40m just a month ago!?

Sorry… I don’t mean to turn this into another other projects thread, but it is pretty boggling.

Haha, yeah, it’s gone up far too much. So much hype around it. I’m still learning about it, but like what I see. To be honest I only added it as a crowd pleaser, although I do think there is something there from what I’ve learnt so far. Security is the question mark over that one, just like IOTA.

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MaidSafeCoin? This is literally the first time I’ve heard it mentioned on reddit at all. Looking through coinmarketcap I’ve sometimes wondered what it actually does, care to shill me on it?

This is why we definitely need to keep working the reddit angle!

This kind of post. Baldly written, shared extensively on Facebook. This is the kind of crap that generates hype.

It’s not difficult to do.
Fell on this poor piece of article when it was published
I thought the picks were not bad and it made me look at railblock for the first time


So did I :wink: And A little explanation.

That was mine Lol what a great day. Reddit truly is a great way to communicate through masses to find those individuals interested.

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