Reddit removes 'warrant canary', signaling US sought its user data

Reddit users are well-known as a combative and skeptical bunch. After Reddit posted the transparency report Thursday, some of them asked an administrator, called “spez”, what happened to the warrant canary.

“I’ve been advised not to say anything one way or the other,” spez said. “Even with the canaries, we’re treading a fine line. The whole thing is icky.”

In 2014, Twitter sued the Justice Department for violating its free speech rights by blocking it from disclosing how many national security letters it receives. That case is ongoing.


That’s super not good.

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Indeed. Pretty good for SAFE and Project Decorum though.


…You know it buddy

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( post censured in in alignment with free speech revision ACT of 2016 )


(TPTB are happily invited to come try to block me from using Safe Network)


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Gahhh, makes me so angry… hate feeling so angry at the world!

SAFE/decorum just can’t come soon enough!

This is Fascism. If your talking about the US you can see the historical progression into fascism. We had a good but insufficient law in place called the “Fairness Doctrine.” It wasn’t about presenting “both sides of an issue.” But it loss is what brought us facism. That law said that media firms would cover political elections as a condition of their license for free or lose their charter- no money in elections as that’s bribery. It said that if media entities took sponsorship money that the sponsors would never be allowed to cross an editorial firewall or the firm’s at the slightest hint would have their charter yanked. But a decade before that law was made to fail we got the money-is-speech (instead of bribery/blackmail/extortion/censorship) nonsense with Valeo. We got drug companies advertising and doing kick backs and now most media is just a native ad and some of it is even written by trading programs trying to manipulate each other’s stocks.

So we went from imperfect but still more of a customer focused media to a sponsored corporate media that naturally consolidated and fully enabled the filter of money in politics already a type of plutonomy or facism. We now have a fully fascist media which provides cover for an increasingly fascist state.

Note the current example of fascism playing out in the media, right now we are about to go from a democracy to a full fascists state if its not stopped. There are two nuclear armed states in the Middle East. On is Saudia Arabia. These two states are enemies but they trade together and have a peace agreement. They have a mutual enemy state that they don’t want to have nuclear weapons. Because you can buy a fascist state these two wealthy nuclear armed states (one is a monarchy) have bought fascist politicians on both sides of the US political election- they will deliver the election to any politician that commits to their agenda through a promise to buy of the fascist US media- which they helped architect.

This explains Hillary Clinton. She loses an election but comes back as Secretary of State. She does a bunch of email that ties one of these states to 911, these emails are generally extremely negative toward that state and its prospects. But then the two states come to her promising to deliver the election to her by paying off the fascist US media. She flip flops and is now singing their tune fully committed because just like the fascist media she will do anything to keep attention, power and money, she sells betrayal. On the other side of the isle there are two factions. The Neocons are openly fascist. Teaparty is fascism in the closet. These factions don’t like each other, but they come together in the body of Paul Ryan. Through puppet Ryan these two states can ally their agenda with a more genuine seeming (that is less puppet like) lime light seeking plutocrat Donald Trump and Trump has ties to one of the states through marriage.

They have a back up plan if neither captured ‘front runner’ pans out and that is a selection by the House fascist Ryan in a three way. Investigative journalism is not allowed. Any real exposure of their agenda will be drown out with strategic terror distractions and a capitulating fascists media. But everything they do must reinforce fascism and surveillance.

Want to get rid of fascism and the threat it represents to addressing existential challenges aside from fascism itself? Get rid of fascist media. Money is not speech and sponsorship in a media context is a lethal conflict of interest just like interlocking boards and monopoly (to big to fail) and missing barriers like Glass Steagall and the Fairness Doctrine. Use tech like Decorum on SAFE to eliminate these deadly conflicts of interest.

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