Reddit Migration to r/safenetwork

As we continue to spread the word about the SAFE Network, it’s critical that everyone that comes onboard knows where to go to find information about the project. As we mentioned in the weekly Dev Update, this currently isn’t the case for Reddit where there are currently two subreddits relating to the project - r/maidsafe and r/safenetwork.

Whilst the community has worked hard over the years to build an incredible resource in the SAFE Network Forum (which MaidSafe neither control nor moderate - we simply pay the hosting fees), the value that we all derive from participation in the Forum has inevitably reduced the interaction on Reddit.

For community members who have never really used Reddit regularly, it’s worth restating why this is important. Reddit is a global platform that reaches a massively dispersed demographic of the online population. At the risk of stating the obvious, Reddit is a different beast to the Forum. It’s a place that many people visit every day repeatedly in order to keep up to date with others who share their interests. Its real value comes from its immediacy: millions of people drop into subreddits that they’ve subscribed to repeatedly on a daily basis for one simple reason - community endorsement.

The upvoting system on Reddit is where the true value lies. If you only have a couple of minutes, you can drop into any engaged subreddit and immediately tell what issues and discussions mean the most to the community. Similar to Twitter, when you’re short of time, it’s a great place to pop into in order to see what’s happening in topics that you care about. We believe that there are hundreds of thousands future newcomers to the SAFE Network who are already on Reddit. It will be easier to spread the word about the project on a platform that they already use and like.

In addition, for those who are more concerned about the price of MaidSafeCoin, it’s worth noting that many investment decisions take into account the level of community participation. Our forum is growing fantastically, with a huge level of engagement - but ultimately, the reality is that any potential investor who gauges the number of Reddit subscribers will view us less favourably as a result.

So it’s clear that we want to do our part to encourage participation on Reddit. However, with two subreddits, we are diluting our efforts before we even start. Recently, there has been fantastic work carried out to auto-post between the two. However, after much discussion internally, we have decided that we would like to archive the r/maidsafe subreddit and focus all of our attentions on r/safenetwork.

Our plan for this is as follows:

  1. From Friday 12th January, we will archive the r/maidsafe subreddit, making it read-only. A message will be added to the banner header and a post stuck at the top asking people to subscribe to r/safenetwork instead.
  2. We’d love to have the banner for r/safenetwork redesigned in order to look sharper. If anyone within the community is keen to pull together a design for this quickly, please get in touch with @dugcampbell!

In terms of moderation of r/safenetwork, MaidSafe are keen to follow the same approach as the Forum: we would like this to be community-owned and run (moderated).

Hopefully this all makes sense but please do share any thoughts below!


A good example to follow on Reddit when performing a large scale migration is the subreddit. Their full screen (and clickable) banner shows only on the main subreddit page and not posts, so it’s immediately clear (and unmissable) that you need to be elsewhere, but old posts can be discovered and read through the native search functionality.


Thanks for the update! I agree with the support for Reddit and will do my bit to help the community continue to grow there.


=) one subreddit makes it way clearer and not mirroring all stuff prevents people continuing subscribing to the maidsafe reddit -> makes perfect sense and is a good decision in the long run (+not everybody would probably upvote the posts in both reddits … so upvotes for good contributions would split between 2 versions when everything would be mirrored) :slight_smile:

sad to loose the maidsafe-subscribed bunch … but i’m sure we’ll get an active community over there too :blush: and who really cares for the project will subscribe to the other sub as well :hugs:

from what i’ve seen lately reddit can be a fun place and though i’m fairly new to the platform i think it will be a great forum for our community in the future too =)


One thing I’m thinking is that we could continue mirroring posts from /r/safenetwork to /r/maidsafe for a few weeks (or at least a few days). This could help make the transition a bit smoother. That way, people that are already subscribed to /r/maidsafe might be more likely to subscribe to /r/safenetwork since they would see some posts that point to /r/safenetwork in their feed (assuming that these mirror posts - which would be in /r/maidsafe - have some upvotes). And even though /r/maidsafe would be read-only, the safenetforum-bridge account would be able to continue posting in /r/maidsafe if we add it to the list of approved submitters.


Thanks for sharing @Shane, hadn’t seen this approach before :slight_smile:


@frabrunelle That seems like a sensible solution, though there is some conflict there between the idea that the community needs to migrate to another subreddit but also check the original subreddit to up-vote things (if those who are slow to migrate are to actually discover the posts).


I think that’s a good idea @frabrunelle - but as you say, the value will come if the r/safenetwork posts receive sufficient upvotes to travel onto individual’s front pages. That may be tough in some cases where communities (e.g. say r/technology) will have thousands of upvotes daily. If we’re to have a chance of capturing the attention of a few historic r/maidsafe subscribers, at the risk of stating the obvious, we’ll need as many people within community as possible who are reading this now to:

  1. go to Reddit;
  2. sign up for an account (if they haven’t already - takes seconds -;
  3. subscribe to r/safenetwork; and
  4. actively upvote articles.
    (5. for bonus points, start submitting links and articles that are interesting/relevant)

If everyone reading this forum collectively does that asap, then we have a far better chance of picking up existing community members who rarely visit by edging into a few of their front pages.


Yes, I agree it’s not ideal. I’m thinking it might still be worth doing it, but maybe just for a week or two?


Don’t forget to update to reflect these changes. :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks for reminding me :slightly_smiling_face:

I just updated the Reddit section of to:

We mainly use the /r/safenetwork subreddit.

Previously, we were also using the /r/maidsafe subreddit, but MaidSafe recently decided to archive /r/maidsafe so that we can all focus our attention on /r/safenetwork. See this post for more info.


Hi @dugcampbell

Here is a outline I quickly drew up :slight_smile:
Joined the subreddit, upvoted and responded to a ignorant fud comment on one of the posts.
It’s great that we are getting onboard on Reddit. I personally when researching a new project, always check their subreddit to get a quick idea of the legitimacy of the project/team and what kind of community it has.

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Hmmm everyone wouldn’t look that good? (because that would imply what safe stands for)

Personally I like Safe Access For Everyone, but I understand Secure Access For Everyone is the official and community preference (from past discussions).


Ah! Somehow I had it in the back of my head that it was safe access. Sure can be changed.


Nice! Looks great in my opinion :face_with_monocle:

Nothing wrong with a good recursive acronym!

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Excellent thanks for pulling that together @Suriana! Really appreciate you doing this :slight_smile:

@frabrunelle @upstate @happybeing - please can one of you as Reddit mods update r/safenetwork?

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Hi @dugcampbell & @Suriana,

Below are Reddit requirements for header images:
“header imageheader should have 10:3 aspect ratio. PNG or JPG only.
minimum size: 640x192px / maximum size: 1280x384px”

The above image is 1920x150px


Great, thanks. Simply because it might be quicker, would you have the time to resize your image please @Suriana? If not, don’t worry, we’ll get something sorted at this end. :slight_smile: