Recycling deleted Data and data handlers

Forgive me if I placed this in the wrong topic but it seemed to fit. Anyway from what I read in the last update we have an issue with data values being erased but the placeholders that stored them remaining. Please correct me if I’m wrong. As I posed in the main update thread my idea is to give these data placeholders, handlers, whatever, function and ownership permissions. So it would look something like.

Data Handler #123
Owned by User#45
Function #3
Data #XYZhash

When it was erased the data would be zeroed and the function would change to the most recent needed data handler needed by the data, new data would then be entered into the now reassigned data handler. If the user didn’t need the data anymore wouldn’t it make theoretical sense then to assign the data handler to another user that did by changing the ownership permissions? If a user “deletes” data wouldn’t it make sense for the ownership of the data handlers to transfer to the network, the data be zeroed, and then the network can reassign those data handlers where they are needed and reinsert new data into them, similar to how safecoin is circulated back into the network and reassigned.

Please discuss this and let me know what you think. If I’m misunderstanding how things work please feel free to correct me.


Oh btw if you actually use this idea please let me know. It would be kind of cool to know I actually helped develop the project a bit, even if it’s only by helping with some abstract thinking.

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