Recovery of maidsafecoin from masterxchange


Looks like I missed the closing of masterxchange and may have lost all of my maidsafe coin - I had over 15,000, which I bought directly on masterxchange using BTC. I still have my masterxchange login credentials, but obviously they’re not much good now. I also have a record of the bitcoin deposit address linked to my account on masterxchange, and I can see the transactions on

Anybody have any bright ideas on how I can recover my maidsafecoin? Or have I effectively bought myself an expensive lesson in not leaving cryptocurrency in other people’s hands?

Sadly as you say the only value left is in a lesson learned. Those are gone.

Around the same time you posted this, I wrote this elsewhere.

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It was a useful exchange and well done from what I saw of it. The suggestion “we will not guarantee anything” doesn’t directly suggest no inclination to help where they might.

It’s a long shot but you could try contacting the co-founders, perhaps they might do occasional favours - twitter looks alive for @EmilienDutang


Yeah that exchange was good.

But I think they said whatever doesn’t get withdrawn within 30 days after the deadline will be liquidated and proceeds donated… I think that’s what they said, but I am not sure. However those announcements are still online in various forums including this one so it should be possible to check.

Looks like there is still 632181 MAID on the Masterexchange, so yours would be there I guess if you contact them:

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Was 1master not discovered to be the origin of the huge sells a month ago when MAID was at its peak? 5.5mil if memory serves correct. Just my opinion but such a large sell off does not instill much confidence in them returning funds to customers.

No idea about that, but 632181 MAID would indicate stranded coins I’d think.

1Master = masterxchange not mastercoin but the trail remains the same.

Who knows maybe they owned the 5.5mil but I doubt it.

It’s worth trying… Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.