Recovering my maidsafe investment from 3 years ago?

Hello, I only just managed to recover my Electrum wallet which I used to contribute around £200+ (in 2 or 3 transactions) to the maidsafe cause when it first launched. I got carried away with life, university, and getting a job and never really got the time to try and get back into the maidsafe community. Could anyone advise on how I’d go about from here?


You can see your MAID balance here: They should be in the same address that you sent to the BTC from to the ICO. If you want to move the coins, you need your private key and an Omni protocol capable wallet. Most people use If you don’t want to move the coins, you don’t need to do anything until the network launches and it is time to convert to SAFEcoins.


Thanks for your reply. Would be grateful if anyone could suggest how I would go about moving the coins using a private key (I am not sure electrum has a private key set up in the same way as other wallets).

In Electrum you access the private kerry by right click on any address. Then go to and import it. From there you can move MaidSafeCoin, but you will need some bitcoin at the address, along with the MaidSafeCoin, to pay the omni transfer fees.

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Thanks for this. I just wanted to come back to this post and say I never sold a single coin even though my total peaked at over $12k the other month. In fact recently I bought around 250 more. Looking forward to next year!


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