Recovering Coins From IPO

I need some help recovering my maidsafecoin from the IPO in 2014.
I originally sent my BTC from to
I’m able to login to my blockchain account and I have my private key.

I created a wallet at
I’m confused as to what to do after that.
Can anyone help?

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Can you view your MAID balance using the public address on the front page of omniwallet. Don’t login in just enter the address on the front page.

If you see your balance of MAID then all is good so far.

Then login to your omniwallet
Import the private key
and then you can send your coin or whatever.
You will need a little BTC to send omni assets which MAID is one of.

NOTE: if you just want to check the MAID balance then best not to import your private key (keeps it more secure)


I entered the address of where i originally sent my bitcoin.
It shows a balance of BTC (lower than what I would expect).

Is there another address I should try on the front page of omniwallet?

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I wasn’t around for the IPO, so I don’t know for sure.

But there must have been an address you gave them to send the coins to. It could even be the address you sent the BTC from.

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You helped me get one step closer.

I can now see how many coins I have.

I created a new address in my omniwallet and imported my private key but I’m still stuck there. Should I be moving coins to that address? If so, how?

When I’m logged into my blockchain account that has my maidsafecoin it’s not showing I have maidsafe coins (but entering that address on the front page of omniwallet shows the coins are there), so I don’t know how to send from there, if that’s what I should be doing.

IMPORTANT: you need to use chrome, sending doesn’t work from firefox or IE

Now that you imported the private key, there will be two addresses showing, the one with IPO coins and the other that omni-wallet created. Ignore the one omni-wallet created.

To send: When logged in there will be a “send” item in the menu bar for omniwallet. Click that and you choose the address to send from, it should have preselected the one with the MAID coins in. Fill in the #coins and the receiving address you want to send the coins to. The fees field should show what BTC fees are required.

DOUBLE CHECK the receiving address and the #coins because like BTC transfers its not reversible.

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If I’m following you correctly:

My omniwallets show that they have zero value, even for the one in which I imported the private key.

I believe my coins are still at blockchain and I don’t know how to remove them from there. Maybe that should have happened when I imported the private key.

The private key is in WIF format. Doing some brief research I thought I saw a WIF key should start with a 5, but mine doesn’t. I also saw something about needing to do something to convert a private key in WIF format.

Basic misunderstanding, you coins are always values contained on the BTC blockchain. Your wallet only keeps the keys and reports what is on the blockchain for those keys/addresses. The private key allows you to create a transaction for the blockchain that the miners will approve. So you do not need to move anything anywhere to use a new wallet.

omni-assets are stored in the BTC blockchain so the above applies to them.

You should see MAID for the address you imported the private key to.[quote=“1492, post:7, topic:12851”]
The private key is in WIF format. Doing some brief research I thought I saw a WIF key should start with a 5, but mine doesn’t. I also saw something about needing to do something to convert a private key in WIF format.

That would suggest that you didn’t import the private successfully. Although the omniwallet should not be showing the address then. (unless it is a watch only address)

There is another topic here that discusses the issues with importing private keys. Omni-wallet can only import private keys starting with “5” even though it says it can do more.

Read this, it might help


I think you solved the problem. Converting the private key seems to have done the trick.

Huge thank you!


One more thing. I’ve recovered all the MAID, but the original address I sent my BTC funds to for the IPO is still showing there is .5 BTC there.

Would those my funds? If so, how would I recover that?

Thats good you get it sorted out.

I would say you were not the only one that sent BTC to that address. I expect that it was one address that everyone sent their BTC to and the MAID was sent to the address the BTC came from. That BTC is BTC used to pay for MAID so it belongs to the people doing the IPO as far as I expect.


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