Recover wallet - Maidsafecoins lost

Dear All, I had to recover the bitcoin wallet, for my two sons, but did not have it backed up after that the maidsafecoins were deposited in it.

Now after recovery, I seemingly lost 2.5 BTC worth of Maidsafecoin. How can I get them back?

Please advice, thanks,

If you have a backup, you have a backup, it doesn’t matter whether it was backed up before or after a transaction.

How do you know that you “seemingly” lost MAID?

If you are the owner of the address, and you have the private key to it, you can recover them. Can you still login to that account? will likely only show the BTC balance.
Look to for the MaidSafeCoin balance… putting your public address into that. So long as you have the matching private address, then all is well. You can export the private address from and do that as Bitcoin-qt format is usually best, then you need not worry, so long as that private key is secure.