Recommendation for RDF Rust library

Hello everyone,

I was pointed here by @happybeing. I’m working on a Rust based implementation of the Solid spec. Part of that is implementing an LDP server, including content-negotation, RDF parsing, et al.

I’m wondering if you guys have any recommendations of good crates for handling RDF? I see a few available when searching, but I don’t see any that support json-ld, nor do I see any that have really good documentation.

Thanks in Advance!


I think @bochaco and @joshuef might be able to help, let’s see.


In rust, I’m not so sure. I remember @nbaksalyar was using redland creates (correct me if im wrong here, @nbaksalyar), as a basis for testing RDF previous. But i believe those are written in C.

Not heard of any new Rust crates for RDF-land things recently, I’m afraid @JordanShurmer!


You might be interested in Sophia. I’m not sure about the completeness of this implementation, but it definitely looks promising!

Apart from that, there’s also the option of using bindings for the C libraries as @joshuef pointed out.


Yeah, I saw that Sophia one, and a few others. But none of them support json-ld, which is a requirement for an LDP server.

I guess I’ll have to add json-ld parser/serializer to one of them


I thought only turtle was mandatory? LDP servers must respond with a application/ld+json representation of the requested LDP-RS when the request includes an Accept header, unless content negotiation or Turtle support requires a different outcome


Thanks Jordan, I’d missed that!

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