Recent convert - Newly wed - I invested our down payment for our house

I’m not sure how to go about writing this, but I want to get this out there:

I had a family related issue and my home life was turned on it’s head over two years ago. Something happened in my family unit that shattered my relationship with my entire family and my friends distanced themselves from me and my family being embarrassed by the situation.

Losing my home, life long friends and family completely destroyed my world view - I started to pursue the meaning of truth and my eyes have been opened to the world as it is, and not as I used to perceive it.

Some good things came from this I realized I had the love of a righteous woman. I married her, she’s with child. I recognized my true friends were not my college peers, but the ones who made themselves available to me and struggled with me. Through the help of an older couple who was friends with my wife. I was able to land a small developer job at a regional bank and had a roof over my head again. I’ve been struggling to get by, but my struggle was never financial. I struggled for meaning.

When you start to see the world for what it is, and you understand how some members of our species have used deception, and corruption using information to control us instead of liberate us. To destroy us. To destroy our people. How they’ve robbed us of our humanity our ability to exercise mutual trading - where a trade is mutually beneficial for both parties’ (enriching both parties).

I found myself in an existential crisis working for a system that was raping my species.

Don’t misunderstand me my view is not based in the negativity of my current life situation. Human creativity is a beautiful gift we were given to administrate goodness in this world. We are administrators of life. We shape and preserve life.The beauty I see in the human race through our many innovations nothing else compares.

But the world has fallen prey to the Occultists [occult means to obscure - they’ve obscured true knowledge]. They have deceived our people into believing that a system that is built in defiance of the natural laws and orders of economic science has created an unnatural system that sows and reaps destruction of our own species.

My people have forgotten that this unnatural system that moves the financial markets of the world is fuelled by humans as resources for fuel. Instead of resources produced by humans.

but I digress. I wanted to say I believe in this project because it’s adhering
laws of nature which we approximate through the science of economics. I believe in this project because it restores our people their ability to produce value, and engage in the exchange of wealth.

My brothers and sisters - this project gives me hope in a world of darkness.
I invested my entire savings not because I seek to be enriched, but because should this project succeed. It will restore my hope that one day my people will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. Let the record show that this little ant did his part.


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