Rebranding MaidSafe For The Mass

Another rebranded cryptocurrency.

We are not looking at rebranding though, we are looking at cementing the brand and the messaging. It would be a distraction to rebrand and we are in distraction free mode right now. If its not work to launch then its not happening at the moment. We need grim determination to get across the line with a working launched product. The marketing folk need to crystalise the messaging and engage partners and customers. Apart from that it’s no change in course and definitely no decrease in speed.


Just please don’t be too disheartened when you see the leeches pop up with a bunch of inferior products in the next couple of years loosely using the term ‘autonomous’. They will sadly and not unexpectedly as they did with the whole distributed/decentralised Tagline. Imitation/Flattery type thing.

You guys have our full support in putting your head down and ignoring the distractions, it’s the correct path, deep down we do get that (despite our impatience sometimes).

God speed :slight_smile:


They’re going for the AUTONOMOUS NETWORK brand.


While it’s a desirable and understandable aim to have the brand appeal to ‘the masses’ the reality of how you might go about achieving that involves clearheaded targeting of individual societal groups and an understanding of the language they use and how they think.

In particular you’d do well to be appraised of the broad broad ‘value mode’ or Maslow groups and how they may currently understand the internet landscape, and which facet of the SAFE Network proposition would appeal to them or help meet their needs. Layer on-top of that an understanding of demographics and varying technical literacy, and you’ll start to figure out how to tailor messaging effectively.

A ubiquitous brand isn’t achieved by ubiquitous messaging (unless you have very, very deep pockets and a lot of time) its achieved by targeted messaging and an appreciation for how knowledge and perception of a subject can permeate between groups; and how these groups influence each other.

FWIW, my gut tells me the main mark—SAFE Network— is just about right, although I’d be tempted to de-acronym, and encourage use of ‘the Safenet’ as an alternative to ‘the Internet’. It gets to the core of the proposition: a safe alternative to the internet.

All of this could and should be tested of course; especially if you want to keep things low-cost and sure-footed.



Agree that Safenet is a good option, but is unfortunately a no go, Jim, at least if we want to avoid litigation: I also agree that targeted messages with specific objectives and calls to action are the way to go.

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Given this thread --> The SafeCoin Roadmap - The Road of Thieves

I thought it could be FUN :partying_face: to restart this old one. Not necessarily as being overly serious at re-branding, but just to shoot out some ideas and have a few laughs.


Since we have the “perpetual network”, can we has “perp”-coin lol

/end sarcasm

Maybe not to sarcastic on that one as if we have strong anonymity many perps will be using it lol! Of course one person’s perp is another person’s hero - morality is relative.

We also have the Autonomous network, so Auto-coin … but “auto” and “autonio” are already taken on coinmarketcap.

We could go the route of the likes of Amazon and use “THE NILE NETWORK” lol … those who don’t use The Nile are just in DeNile about their Internet freedoms.

We could try the word “safe” in different languages, for instance in latin we might use “Salvus”

Well those are my first Salvo’s … oooh wait, “Salvo”, not too bad! :slight_smile: Salvo-coin – except in Australia they’d think it was a recycled coin … errr, wait, actually it will be recycled by the network … hmmm :grey_question:

Anyone else have some good ones?

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Well being that coins are ever only held in vaults why not consider VaultCoin.

Other ideas :grin: :

Decentralized Coin or D-Coin.

Autonomous Coin or AutoCoin.


















PersistentCoin or P-Coin

























I suppose Ask Jeeves had the most clear and obvious name… but got destroyed by Google - possibly one of the most ambiguous names in history.

The Boring Company is my personal fave in recent history.

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I think there are two ways of looking at the problem that: either 1. the branding, naming conventions, messaging, etc., have led to little awareness or mid-understanding of the project, or 2. The team has made a deliberate decision to remain relatively low-key (excluding certain conferences) until a MVP or Fleming is released. Based on previous posts of David, I assume the latter, and we have to respect that decision. I make the assumption that once Fleming is out there, the full might of outreach (with bloggers, inflicted etc) and marketing will be unleashed.

Well first of all we need to get rid of everything with ‘coin’ in it. That’s really cliche now.
Facebook did a great job with ‘Libra’. No cliche, simple, sounds good and has a meaningful meaning.
It should be something like that, but then meaningful for the SAFE Network.

So keep it close the SAFE Network; ‘Chunks’? It has a currency meaning as well(?) Chunks of gold etc.


How about Plank?
Fundamental length.

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Reuse of (funny) existing words as abbreviations or abbreviations itself works well too. People will remind them easily. But you need a good one, that’s difficult.

just an example (not that good, but ok)
Safe Asynchronous Interoperable Network Token

Sounds like ‘cent’ as well, so maybe not that bad at all :wink:

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I like it … would be particularly apropos if we use U128 for the coins. I think it is spelled “Planck” though.


How about going with decentralised and have the name as


Pronounced as The Coin


That’s clever - and good!

De’one coin to rule de’m all.

… just checked though and it’s already taken:

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  • DeadCoin
  • DadCoin

M Coin with M (Mu/Mi greek letter) unit (M as Maid, Micro)
N Coin with N unit (N as Network)
G Coin with G,g unit (G as Glasgow, Good, Great)
S Coin with S unit (S as SAFE…)
AIR coin with AIR unit (AYR would be misspelled anyway)


I didn’t want to partake in this discussion until we hear more news from maidsafe, but what about the sigma? Lower or uppercase Greek letter.

Also used in mathematics to denote a sum, ie. a sum of safe coin.

EDIT: Looks like it is already taken.


If there is an actual effort to find new names, it should be done properly without falling into the same mistakes as before.

It is natural that if you have a coin, you want to attach terms such as “currency, token, coin, etc…”
And if you have something providing security, your mind would naturally orbit around synonyms such as safe, safety, private or translations such as seguro (spanish), securitas (latin), etc…
And naturally one would then proceed almost algorithmically to proceed to make portmanteaus.
This naming convention is so procedural that it is most likely done by programmers, and it makes sense because it is logical.

But ironically the best trademarks are not descriptive of their product(*), here is when psychology and marketing becomes useful.

Something that “makes sense” actually doesn’t linger in our minds, instead something unique, random and out of place is what gets stuck in people’s minds. That is also the principle behind mnemonics.

Even though random works fine (such as naming a computer company after a fruit or making up words), I think that the most elegant trademarks are the ones that go a bit beyond that, it is not totally random but metaphorical (Such as Red Bull, Uber, Tinder, Ether, etc…)

But whichever name is chosen, you have to avoid at all costs using generic words that are impossible to be protected as a trademark, which means that anyone else can snatch it for their own use, causing confusion for your potential consumers.
You might think, “I don’t care about trademarks or profits, this is for the good of humanity”. But trademarks are important because it is your identity, people who want to find you won’t be able to reach you if several others are able to use your name.
The point is to allow them to seamlessly reach you if they casually hear about you.

The worst that can happen is that you spent millions building your reputation, and then having a competitor (or a scammer) stealing all your users either because they remembered your name incorrectly or because you never bothered to check if your name is generic.

(*): Of course there are brandnames that are dull, lazy and descriptive, but those are most likely 50+ years old. Any horrible and dull name would become recognizable if you own half the market share of their respective industry. But for someone who is small and must fight for exposure against thousands of similar projects, it does make sense for an efficient approach of catchy and sticky names to rise your signal above the noise and for an easier grip on the people’s mindshare.

edit: also something to keep in mind for the last filter of selection, is to evaluate for how it sounds when you pronounce it out loud. How does it sound? Is it cacophonous? Too many consonants? Is it easy on the tongue? Phonaesthetics may not be essential, but it does add value.

edit2: and please the next time let’s try to avoid homophones. I bet that “America’s first nontoxic seal for products” is gonna get quite a bump in their traffic from MaidSafe’s rising popularity.
You do want to avoid every single word from this list:


When I first heard of MAIDSAFE I thought it was a maid tipping coin of some sort lol!