Rebranding MaidSafe For The Mass

There seem to be a serious lack of good marketing to help the mass know and understand what the Maidsafe team is trying to do. Many people not only have not heard of maidsafe, but for those that have heard the name, they do not understand it. Many websites still call it a data storage network and put it in same categories as Sia or Storj.

I think we should do a rebrand of Maidsafe and call it the Decentralised Internet Movement(DIM) or Decentralised Internet Revolution(DIR). Or New Internet Revolution(NIR) or simply, Internet Revolution(IR).

Because seriously, right now the name maidsafe itself probably puts off 95% of people having the motivation to find out what it’s about(as it doesn’t mean much and doesn’t sound attractive enough), and more so, for the lucky 5% that do click on it, they land on the page, all they see a bunch of technical jargons, such as Decentralised Autonomous Anonymous Secure Data Network, which, to the average person, excuse the language, but they understand just about bugger all of that… they have to really dig into it very hard themselves to then understand fully, but the current name/branding/marketing of the safenetwork does not build enough motivation in most people so that they do that themselves.

So I was thinking, why not instead, start with a good name in which upon reading, the philosophy of the whole project is IMMEDIATELY known to the reader, maybe they still don’t know the technical bits of how the team plans to decentralise the internet/change the current internet(no name can give that sort of information), but at least it gives them a more appealing reason for them to look into it further, and set their perspective right from the start of how they’ll see the safenetwork as, as opposed to simply a data storage service.

By the way, feel free to come up with some new names for the rebranding, i think it’ll have to be a collaborative effort between the team and the current followers. What does everyone think of the idea in general though?


I, for one, do like the name SAFEnetwork. The name is good, because it’s self-explanatory. I see a future where people refer to apps or websites being on either the internet, or on ‘SAFE’.


Absolutely not. Keep it as is.
For one Maidsafe is the company, good luck with that.
SafeNetwork is the product that I suspect you wish to rebrand.


I’m more talking about the name of the maidsafe right now that’s on and on websites that call it maidsafe :slight_smile: Maybe SAFEnetwork can stay as is. Also it’s about marketing to those who don’t know about the network, if you already know the network, maybe you’re more accustomed to the name than an outsider would be and like it more, you have to think from the perspective of someone who has never heard of it.

Some people i talked to get put off somewhat by the name, either confused or it just doesn’t raise as much interest. Anyway, I personally also was, i saw it for a long time on Poloniex ever since Alpha 1 was out, but it was not until a friend told me about it and told me to really look into it i looked, and it still took a while for me to know what it’s really about. (he was also the person that told me to look into ethereum at $2.5, that’s the main reason i looked at the time, the name really didn’t appeal much…) And when i told other people, that work in different industries, one of them too told me they didn’t really fancy the name. So i thought of bringing it up.


Personally I am not against an alternative name or replacing the name.

But unfortunately using “decentral…” as part of the name is reducing the network to one element of the network and implies geekyness. Since the network is a lot of things and each person will see (first) the aspect of the network that most appeals to them.

And to me revolution becomes dated way too quickly to be a part of the name. Maybe in the oneliners people use to describe this new system, just not in the name. Like “this “xyz” network is a revolution in the way in our data is stored and the way we communicate”.

They are purely my opinion.

In my opinion the name has to be using lateral thinking and encompasses the whole. For instance SAFE being Secure Access For Everyone really says a lot. It addresses security in anonymity, in data, in secure comms etc. Then its access for everyone, not just the expert or whatever. Obviously the code/doco has to supply that.

So any new name in my opinion has to express this all encompassing feel .

EDIT: I only just read the above post, and that kinda of makes my post pointless doesn’t it


Yeah, I can be bad at coming up with names. Why don’t you try coming up with something?

Is it my post you referring to? If so, not at all. I think your post is useful :slight_smile:

Yes, that does, however, not many people who look at it is finding out it stands for Secure Access For Everyone right away, and also, MAID says basically NOTHING - Massive Array of Internet Disks, what the hell does that even mean to the non-technical people, and even the technical ones…

I can see what you are saying and is a good point. I personally think though that we don’t need to be selling the MAID coin to sell the network. If we perhaps “sell” the network first then the name MAID won’t be such an issue or off putting.

In addition you can explain it as the original name was MAID - “Massive Array of Internet Disks” and then the safe is from the current name. Thus MAIDsafecoin.

In any case it is not that easy to change the current coin name, but it could be done. But then again it has a limited life and that is now smaller than it was 2 or 3 years ago (obviously) and is the effort with subsequent confusion to current crypto people worth it? I don’t know and I’d vote for no change personally.


I don’t know but rebranding for NEO worked pretty well, they also had a long history being the first public blockchain in China since 2015, so if you talking about not changing name for reasons such as it’s a bit hard or not good for current followers since the name Maidsafe has been called for too long, you really need another reason to not. If you think not changing is BETTER for the networks’ branding or marketing, that’s a much more stronger reason.

I wasn’t saying don’t do it. But rather talking of the balance between the need to change and the lack of need to change. With the ease of change being one factor in the balance. Only after examine all the aspects can we know which way that balance will tip.

On one side is the lack of understanding by new people that you rightly pointed out. On the other side is confusion (maybe short term only) by current investors, crypto followers. The ease of change and time used up by one or more in the dev team

So lets discuss each point without tearing down the points simply because they are on the wrong side of the balance.

I dunno if we should or not change the MAIDsafecoin name, but discussions can reveal a lot.


Wasn’t saying you were :slight_smile: and yeah fair enough. Anyway I’m just bringing up the idea for discussion. :slight_smile: I’ll leave it to the majority of the members to think and decide :slight_smile:

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We discussed giving alpha releases names to start drumming up some buzz and giving it some identity. Maybe this would be a good place to start? Then the final release could have a different name too, if desired.


For the people who don’t know: Alpha 2 is called ‘the Authenticator’.


MAID isn’t a very sexy name, but SAFE Network and SafeCoin certainly are IMO.

MAID is only around until SafeCoin launches, then it’s just the name of a company building apps 'n stuff, so who cares? :wink:

I agree that in the short term MAID could have had an easier run, but it seems like a bit of a pointless effort to rebrand maidsafecoin in lieu of SafeCoin. TestSafeCoin isn’t a million miles away. Does getting a few dozen more speculators on board now really matter in the likely context of millions piling on board when it launches?

It seems like a fairly short window and the real rebranding happens anyway, at exactly the right time for the network and the audience it’s reaching, when there’s a reliable working product for them to really ‘use’.

Wouldn’t it be weird and confusing to rebrand twice in the space of a year or two? From MAID to ‘X’ then ‘X’ to SAFE?


I agree 100%. IMO rebranding Maidsafecoin would not only be weird and confusing to some (or most), but it might even be counterproductive if done without a useful purpose in mind. And just to create a buzz/hype around Maidsafecoin is not a useful purpose as of now I think. It might even hurt the credibilty of Maidsafe as a company.

Off topic: I would, however, like to see some more popular wallet-integration of Maidsafecoin. I read a while back that Jaxx was planning on integrating it?


Yes, maybe @SarahPentland should think about contacting the likes of Jaxx and Exodus. And maybe some other exchanges like Bitfinex too, or for a fiat trading pair anywhere. That would seem the simplest route to a bit of a short term growth in interest. Put it under people’s noses?!


I will have a look into new wallets but can’t promise anything.
We are looking at other exchanges too, will keep you all updated with my progress


Great stuff Sarah. I know Exodus has the back-end already in place to support omni assets, they just lack the will because they are so busy and expanding so fast. They are both very popular wallets used by a lot of people, especially newcomers to crypto. Being available on Exodus etc would put us under the noses of a lot of new investors.

Good to hear you’re looking at other exchanges too. A fiat pairing makes entry much easier for people too. The more fiat pairs the better.


I agree. I also think that there are too many names as is right now. Is it Maid? Is it Maidsafe? Is it SAFE? I think we need to stick to one, and I think SAFE makes the most sense as it is simple, digestible and has relevant meaning.


This is something we have been discussing a lot recently. There are no plans to change the name but we realise we need to make a clearer distinction between MaidSafe and the SAFE Network