Reasons to buy music/art that have NOTHING to do with copyright

Given all the debate about copyright, ptp, different payment methods, debates about morality, and all that kind of thing, I thought I’d post a list of reasons to buy music or art that have nothing to do with “promoting the artist” but are entirely from a pragmatic and practical point of view.

  • Higher Quality content. When you pirate something quality is often lost for the sake of transmission or simply as a byproduct of importing. Also very few people want to go to the trouble of downloading high file size flac files for example even though they are higher quality. So while one CAN produce higher quality files they generally aren’t as popular as they demand more resources. An DVD is typically 9 gig if you copy it directly but most people compress that into about 700mb - 1.5gb or so avi files for the sake of speedy downloads. SAFE might change the download speed issue but it won’t change the demand on resources. 9gb is a lot more safecoin than 700mb BUT there is a difference in quality.

*Obscurity - If a band is obscure one could find it nessesary to buy the music just because it’s the only source available. There are instances where it can’t be found on bittorrent, youtube or anywhere on the net.

*Album Art - You don’t get the nice shiny cover or album art, or the decals or the cd without buying the music. Granted that might not matter to some but for others it might very well matter.

*Interactions with the Artist - If you go to concerts or other events and what not and buy music/art in person you might meet the artist in person and get to talk to them and get them to sign said cd. This is more likely at small scale events but hey it can happen. Also artists tend to take more notice of people that buy their art. So if you’re a fanboy/fangirl that wants to catch your favorite artist’s eye this might matter to you.

Privacy - If you buy art/music offline with cash you don’t have to worry about the feds tracking what you’re doing as much. I’ve also picked up cd’s at the recycle center before as they’re being thrown out en mass. You can sometimes pick up whole bags of them that way (Good usable cds. You’d be amazed what people throw out.)

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[quote=“Blindsite2k, post:1, topic:6274”]
*Album Art - You don’t get the nice shiny cover or album art, or the decals or the cd without buying the music. Granted that might not matter to some but for others it might very well matter.
[/quote] anything that rewards the artists who at one time hand created most of the artwork for albums music inspires art
These and other are the drives behind n99 an APP on the SAFEnetwork where content providers are rewarded in safecoin for the material they create. n99 is built upon Open Value Network principles in which value is created by participation and resources generated distributed according to contribution. Giving creative’ direct access to their market and direct immediate recompense for consumption of their output n99 is peer to peer replacing the dependency of current server based systems removing the central points of failure
n99 is crypto secured freedom privacy and secure access for everyone n99 is a safe network where content providers can distribute personal private or public data the choice is yours
n99 is autonomous a network with no points of central control no more middle men no more gatekeepers n99 the freedom to unleash human potential
n99 is A portal to the Safe Network providing channels for users to navigate, tools for content providers to create content, collaborate and customise their user interface A common wealth of human knowledge where creative people can collaborate share ideas where creative people are rewarded for the creations they generate.n99 a network where you can shape evolution of the internet

there is a future in creating no more starving artists musicians authors comdians film makers the era of the creative is rising
n99 overview by @whiteoutmashups


Doesn’t project n99 kind of undermine the whole point of safe wherein SAFE doesn’t know who you are or who the chunks belong to and therefore awards gets by random lottery? How can a system reward 99% to 100% of the GETs to the artists without tracking who has downloaded what and who has what, thus undermining anonymity and privacy? It’s like the same argument for taxation. You can’t tax without knowing who has paid their taxes and who hasn’t or who owns how much wealth. Same thing for n99.

Well, the award randomization is primarily meant for farmers. I actually believe that it has no place in rewarding artists.

In n99’s case, I would assume that they would have a self-contained database(-ish thing) that would track how many views an artist’s content garnered. From there one of two things could happen:

The Network could report to n99 (the app) via the client’s machine (probably) which GETs were fulfilled by the app. - BAD

n99’s app wallet (which is credited for GETs - I prefer PUTs, but I’ll leave that for another time) would be more of like a pool of which each artist owns a percentage based on how much their content was consumed. - BETTER

I do not believe that clients should be subject to auditing of what they consumed. Period. End of story.

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