Realistically, when must this project be completed…

……before money runs out and the development team can’t be paid?

There must be a deadline when this project is either a success or one that failed.


Don’t worry friend, there are enough people in the community who have benefited from their early entry into the crypto world and can afford to subsidize the development of Safe while David and the team are willing to keep trying to build the network :jeremy:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I suspect there will always be money from somewhere to fund a project like this.


Im sure glad these are community opinions and not davids else id be more concerned after reading them not less.

To be fair, they are relevant answers to the funding question.
But hopefully theres enough in the coffers to see us through.


Whenever the company has needed funds, it has been able to raise them. I’m not saying that can continue indefinitely, but I wouldn’t worry so much about how much money they have, but more about whether they can raise more if needed.

Some R&D style companies haven’t turned a profit in years, yet continue to be supported, e.g. Boston Robotics. If progress is being shown and useful goals are being met, funding will tend to support it.


Indeed, all true, and i know david knows this…

But hes stated its all in on completion now, and thats the talk that helps me sleep better :slight_smile:



Before the control freaks destroy the global economy, break the Internet, and/or lockdown any future development of projects like this – assuming such is even possible.

There will always be money as long as there is progress toward the goal and that people actually have any money they are able to give.


The doomsday clock is closing in on midnight. China shutting their population from the internet, Russia canceling social media access… feels like maid is running late, we already need this technology badly…


No one knows if MAID will run to the finish line on time. But we all know for sure that MAID is running toward the right finish line.

It’s’scary to think that time might be running out. I’m happy that time hasn’t run out already.


Does anyone know if the safe network is close to completed? Are we months away? Years away? I’ve always said years away but I’m so lost at this point.


I dont think anyone can say, or they would!
As the saying goes " how long is a piece of string ".


Relatively speaking it’s certainly close :wink: They are putting all the parts together and tracking down the bugs … so “Fleming” isn’t long now (relative to the overall length of the project).

“Maxwell” comes next … that will bring upgradability … Personally I don’t think that will take too long, but only an omniscient being could know.

“The wise man knows he knows nothing” – Socrates.

… of course you can seek wisdom from a fool … but may as well go with the coin flip method.


Are they even tracking this as “Fleming” and “Maxwell” anymore? It seems like the overlap has become very muddy at this point.

It kind of seems like everything but upgradability is now considered beta, and adding that piece will take it to full production when the beta network is officially and successfully “upgraded” at some unknown point in time. Granted, beta normally infers no new features are to be added and it’s just bug fixing.


the current comnet is promising, 3 hours works great!

that means we tackled some bugs that where holding stability back!


I forget the term’s, but iirc fleming was going to be a working network, and maxwell the polished fleming.

Well were not quite definitely stable and working… ( certainly not at the polishing stage) so were at neither of those yet , assuming i did rc.

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wasnt fleming a fully stable ready for production network and maxwell with added updatability so it can last forever with corrections?

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Not as i remember, but its entirely possible i remember wrongly.

Yes. Also Maxwell was supposed to introduce some anti-spam measures … I’m not clear about the latter.