Realism is Dead

Finally in both experiment and theory it has been shown as rigorously as anything has ever been shown that realism is dead. Both the local and non-local forms of realism are dead. This means that spatial temporal causal non-reversibility is gone. The universe is as much a blank script as a black piece of paper. So many useless notions fall out as a result. Socially hardwired superiority/inferiority provided by damaged or inferior brains or genes or culture reinforced by immutable history is gone! Notions like sin, that invoke an irretrievably unchanging unchangeable broken inaccessible past are gone! Intellectual property is gone as there is no notion of inside or outside or traceable source. Simplistic notions of determinism that allow limited humans to claim they know everything that can be known or is worth knowing or that can be practically known are totally destroyed and along with them the superiority and authority claims. Such claims have no basis now for justifying coercion and pain. Dogma will seem even less justifiable.

Every basis for claiming that one group is justifiably superior to another as a means to justify the imposition of inequity is completely obliterated. And we see that all along such attempts were attempts (consciously or unconsciously or both) to justify what should have been obviously unjustifiable. The stupid kind of skeptic is exposed for the conflict of interest in their game. Their claimed doubts were simply the result of their wanting to preserve inequity that they felt in some way favored them or their place.

The fear of things like AI or what might come after us should be gone from the larger perspective. They are simply what comes next, and the same impulse that was behind us was behind them. If they start out with enough ethical insight to realize these things or at least develop it first before developing the ability to manipulate in a calculated way then it will be more likely pleasant for us. If the deeper context of the ethical line is missing at least initially, it will more likely be unpleasant. In either case it looks strongly like they came before us and after us. What’s behind us both goes on.

All the fear based ideologies are invalidated. You can’t keep the contagion out, you can’t conserve what you cannot separate. The neocon- real politik- reptilian game theory stuff is gone all that stuff about the rational state or corporation’s only justifiable objective is the increase of its own power rhetoric is gone because there are no separated wills or personal identities, their game of power is an unwinnable delusion. This isn’t a realism based world so their points won’t add up. If there was something that looked like an immutable quality in this world it would be absence of realism pervading it all. It’s Wheeler’s change in the unchanging, unchangeable. Its Paramartha’s the nature of change itself changes such that there is no change or not-change. There is no nature or false nature/nurture dichotmy. And despite this there is still room for practicality and pragmatism but there isn’t room for the arrogance and imposition of realism. Yet fantastically it seems there is a development that goes beyond the mapping of chance or the mapping of a dream. There is some something relational like Wheeler’s suprise 20 questions.

The social Darwinian survival of the fittest with its Malthusian utilitarian bent is refuted as just another convenient dying religion. You don’t get to measure or grade or judge people, they self-define. You don’t get to interrupt of coerce. They are protected to the limit of practicality.

The people who said non locality and entanglement weren’t real, the same one’s that said particles or at least wavicals were real, the same ones who thought materialism was valid and that people had a value equal to their bill of materials and that market price equaled value- they all turned out to be wrong and more wrong than anyone in history has ever been wrong about anything in part because they were so dogmatic about their loud assertions of it as fact. This holds even as QM can or is being replaced, the digital physics simulation arguments refute them even harder. Materialism (not the Marxian or Hegelian kind) has been refuted, specifically the scientific kind especially as it applies to biology and genetics and neurology and consciousness- it’s been flat out refuted and its cheap political motive exposed. The stupidity of the mind can’t be quantum when the quantum undergirds the most important processes in biology. Quantum is at the macro so realism doesn’r survive there either. Its a world beyond chemistry and the patent driven marketing delusions that insist otherwise. Nanotech is use the q effects to rewrite our everyday world. Dump the useless politically motivated realism and fog of supposed confusion drops markedly.

These people were wrong as wrong gets and for all the wrong reasons. They were eugenic (conservative) thinkers, at least unconsciously as in practice they were often self proclaimed liberals. Despite their superficial display of facility they should not have been taken seriously on substance. That sounds like judgment but think of the damage even where their intents were consciously to rid the world of damaging dogma and its attendant superstition. Their problem was they were always appealing to an even lower grade of dogma, the most convenient and the worst ever devised, the eugenic propped up by a lottery for special people or reinforced by social engineering in the name of order. An example was during the Bush Admin in the US we had admin people saying things like emergency rooms need to be profitable (for parasites) if people can’t afford them they shouldn’t be granted access- “what(?) should we just give everyone a car?” Creating a situation where people were supposed to die for lack of access to emergency rooms was part of the glorification of winners through social engineering- indirectly through death by poverty and directly through profiting from it. Neocon, Neoliberal- no difference they are both illiberal, prone to brag about their realism, their high reality quotient their rationality- really their psychopathy and sociopathy- super low EQ and low on the ethical line, the line which has to be the hardest of all to calculate or incalculable.

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