Real World Examples of Censorship Happening Now

I don’t know where you got these 2 days from, we fixed the problem in 1 day:

But I think the thread you’re showing was begun a day after it disappeared and I sent a second message.

Also, this was the first time anyone explained why it happened, although you’re not really explaining it, only incidentally showing this thread which explains it.

I explained honestly what it looked like. Even though you’re a volunteer (I assume), you shouldn’t try to browbeat people into apologizing when they’ve done nothing wrong.

I don’t want anything from you, friend. I’m correcting the facts. And yes this forum is community owned and controlled by community volunteers.

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I too am correcting the facts. I wasn’t asking who owns the forum, as I knew it was the community, but thank you for reminding me that you are one of the controllers.

And you can be one of them if you want, as well as anyone who is willing to work for free to maintain order and a pleasant experience of the whole community.

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At the moment this is not really a pleasant experience. But thank you for trying.

Well, as you can see, several people before me got involved to explain things to you, including I now take the time to smooth out the inaccuracies, right?

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I was ready to let it drop before you got involved, but the screenshot of the thread is helpful, as is the reminder that you are one of the forum controllers. Thank you.

I’m glad I was able to help clarify things. It is a great honor to be a servant in this community :love:

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No conspiracy. When I saw the message about not being able to restore it, I found out how and did it. It was a simple issue of getting it done, albeit after I saw the message and actioned and the other mods did not find the solution quick enough.

While you are suspicious of being targeted, I can assure you that it is not the case.

Contrary to popular opinion the moderators are not monitoring posts automatically hidden or deleted by the forum software based on flags. We need people to tell us and sometimes it is not obvious what happened.


Thank you @neo for a considerate reply, but I will certainly not be bothering any moderators here again.

You do not bother anyone, as you can see we are all trying to pay attention to you to feel comfortable in the community and to clear up this misunderstanding. If in the future there is a problem, please be so kind to say it and point it out again so that we can eliminate it as quickly as possible :thankyou:




“When I was five years old, and my brothers Dimitri and Sergius six and seven, Nicolas (Tolstoy’s oldest brother) announced to us that he possessed the secret which, if known, would make everybody happy. There would be no illness, no trouble, nobody would feel anger against another, and people would begin to love each other…
but the great secret—how to banish all unhappiness from life, all disputes and anger, and to make people happy for ever—this secret, as he told us, he had written on a green stick, and the green stick was buried near the road along the hollow by the old wood.”

-Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy’s mother had died when he was two. The legend of the green stick remained a powerful metaphor for Tolstoy throughout his life.


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