Real World Examples of Censorship Happening Now

I was thinking about Russia and Alexei Navalny who might have been poisend.

A video was made of Putin’s big villa and is now being censored in Russia because they don’t like that he’s being exposed. It’s a good example of censorship and how some elite try to cover their tracks.

Also in China the ‘re-education’ camps, journalists have a hard time posting anonymously about this topic.

The woman who reported first of the corona virus in Wuhan also being threatened with 5 years jail time.

There are many more stories that are great example why people will win back their voice through the SafeNetwork. Anyone who finds great examples please share them with us!


It is better to post such things inside Safe Network :slight_smile:

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Instead of regurgitating the tired old Russophobic fantasies of the West regarding the criminal narcissist Navalny, how about looking at some REAL censorship that has been going on for decades?


Nothing about Assange? Yet to cry tears over a vicious anti-immigrant narcissist like Navalny? A convicted embezzler. Simply a grifter whose crimes have caught up with him.

Had he been arrested in any city other than Moscow, ZERO attention would have been paid - and rightly so.

What’s the problem? Are your Martin-Marietta, Lockheed and General Dynamics shares going down? Need to up the ole Cold War schtick some more?

There is plenty real-world censorship to be exposed but do not trivialise the problem by bringing up the criminal embezzler Navalny. He will be dumped as favoured Western puppet de jour just as quickly as that Gaudo fool from Venezuela once his usefulness is over. And it will be very shortly.

Seen whats happening in Spain with the Catalans? A rapper going to jail because Madrid does not like his lyrics. Or the very real censorship and corruption at the heart of the Scottish Government , played out by the meddling of English civil servants.

Navalny? GTF - There are REAL problems to deal with. Possibly not ones that have such a direct effect on your portfolio of war machinery manufacturing stocks but real problems all the same


And Putin was a KGB operative and leader. His hands are not clean. What’s your point?

Whether or not Navalny is a criminal is irrelevant to the fact that they are actively trying to silence him, which is the sole purpose of this topic.

Also, I do speak out about Assange. I think what happened to him and continues to happen to him is a travesty.


And Bush senior was head of the CIA - so what? And there are many many other examples - why so one-sided?

Why nothing about Assange? Eh?

You Cold war fantasists just can’t help yourselves. You cannot imagine a landscape without you corrosive Russophobia, because then you would need to look at problems a LOT closer to home.

Just not such a juicy “travesty” as Navalny, though

I’m not making a political statement

My point was that Putin has done some far more heinous things then embezzlement, so railing on Navalny is silly, at best. Putin can take care of himself. He doesn’t need people protecting him on random message boards.

This isn’t about politics, it is about censorship. Whatever Navalny allegedly did or didn’t do has nothing to do with the fact that the government is actively trying to silence him.

Translation: He’s a bastard, but he’s OUR bastard.

Must try harder.

Meanwhile in REAL censorship, here’s something the state-controlled BBC in the UK wont dare show you…

Even saying that “Ethiopians performs better in running”, or that “Asian students perform better in universities” have already a slight chance of being censored right here on this forum. If not now, in the future it will be censorable.

Luckily, if the negative logical implications are hidden between the lines, you can still say something. But not anymore to do so directly. The more directly you speak, the more censored your content gets.

Probably the most currently censored talks are those pointing out some negative statistical observations related to black people, Islam, or women. We cannot discuss those things directly. I am afraid in those areas, freedom of speech is getting buried deep.

I can see, most of us already teach our children to self-censor themselves in many areas since early childhood. We teach them not to see differences, not to categorise.

My warning is the following. With enough effort, every criticism fits under the umbrella of hate speech.


And your proof for that statement? Chapter and verse, please.
Otherwise its just more Russophobic mud to sling cos " Everybody knows that…" and we cant possibly allow the value of our armaments stocks to fall… Profits are at risk, for God’s sake. Will no-one think of WallSt?

What’s the significance of this? I can’t see anything surprising in this, or anything that’s been concealed.

The pictures at the bottom make it seem like this is being shown as some kind of victory for Scotland over England, but if that is it I don’t see how.

This is a chart showing a 7 day average - I think that just because Scotland and Wales are higher at the end doesn’t mean they did more in total, it just means they did more in that later period, no? This is probably because as the chart clearly shows they did fewer before that and so had more left to do. In any case the differences between all four countries seems pretty small at every point to me,

I do approve of your distaste for the British Brainwashing Corporation though.

My proof, he was a foreign operative for the KGB for over a decade. I’m not naive enough to act like foreign operatives working for the CIA have clean hands.

I do call out censorship wherever it occurs, whether by government or by private industry. Assange is a great example of that. I don’t think someone should get in trouble for releasing information, and “the West” is targeting him. That’s wrong and against US Constitutional law, to be honest. I am happy to call out my own country in this failing. I think Amazon de-platforming Parler because they refused to moderate and censor their audience is fundamentally wrong. Not illegal wrong, but philosophically wrong. To act like Putin/Russia are some shining example of free speech is hilarious, though. But whatever, you do you my man.

So you have ZERO proof, merely lies and supposition.

But yet you expect to get taken seriously? #sad

Oh, he’s anti-immigration. Well that’s different then. If you don’t agree with his politics then absolutely, its ok do whatever it takes to silence him.

He has no politics as such. Merely a self-seeking petty criminal trying to make a name for himself in the secure knowledge that fools in the West will hold him up as some kind of beacon.

A pathetic narcissist playing to a gullible audience. You whine about “censorship” but are unable to see the systemic censorship inherent in your own society.

Oh wow. a four post conversation on an internet forum and you know me better than I know myself? You know what I see and what I don’t see?

You sir, must be a true genius, I salute you for your omniscience.

I don’t remember whining exactly though…

Mentioning Navalny doesn’t mean that anybody is in favour of the censorship of Assange. He is getting mentioned at the moment and not Assange because it is recent. Recent things get mentioned more because they tend to be more relevant. Also if you don’t say anything directly when something happens when will you? Never obviously.

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Yes, I AM good, possibly not quite as good as you make out but better than the rest. Irony doesn’t really work on the Internet

And just WHY is Navalny getting all this “recent” press coverage that you feel you have to respond to?
Censorship is not only about HOW a story is treated, its about WHETHER a story is emphasised as well.

Whining about Navalny is simple virtue-signalling at its self-indulgent worst.