Real Life Crypto currency Use in Commerce Ideally Safe coin

I have a product or service and want to accept a crypto currency which I will ultimately convert or deposit into a Safecoin ‘wallet’. Does that make sense? Is it the ‘broker’ like Coinbase service which I open the account with? I want to keep an uncomplicated / least complicated payments and transfer system so everyone can understand it. I presume mostly I would receive payment in Bitcoin, for lack of any real life experience. The amounts I would expect clients / customers like to use it for would be the high-end great than $2k products. Is it wrong for me to think I can do this directly rather than through a payments clearinghouse? I hope this asks some common questions in a real world example, that I am more than 1 who needs to wrap their head around it.

To summarize. I need a payments system for cash style clients; I will make more high end sales if they see I offer a crypto currency payments. My personal preference is to keep my coins in Safe-mode. Bitcoin seems to be the crypto equivalent to the dollar in universally accepted terms.

Thanks so much.

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Sorry for the late reply, it makes sense

At the moment you can pay with altcoins and receive in bitcoins with’s lens.

I can imagine that you can get paid with bitcoin (altcoins) and receive SAFEcoins in the future, through But you’ll have to approach the Shapeshift team for this.

Before I wander off again.

You can just use Coinbase to accept the payments in bitcoins. After that you can use to convert your bitcoins to SAFEcoins in the future.

Maybe you also want to look at SAFEx in the future, it would enable you to sell product or services

Even better SAFEx will live on the SAFE Network


Better than a GPS! Thanks very much for the road map. Getting it from you, a trusted authority, confers confidence which in turn helps my marketing! Appreciate it.


Hmmmm I’m not really “a trusted authority”, because I simply don’t like the word authority. Just call me “Santa’s Little Helper” for this event and I’m a Happybeing, please @happybeing don’t sue me

I’m happy wiping authority from the language or at least replacing all of it with thinking. A trusted thinker, then. no pressure :wink:

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