Raspberry Pi Updated Instructions?

I’ve stayed plugged in at a high level for a couple years on the MaidSafe project, hoping to get involved sometime. I recently got my first Raspberry Pi 3 and want to set up a farmer node to contribute network storage and earn SafeCoin (noting that the project isn’t live yet). However, all documentation that I could find about installing on Raspberry Pi is 2+ years old (see here and here). I have more research links, but can only post 2 as a new user.

Banking on the GitHub Wiki page being the most correct (still from 2014), I made it to the cmake project build step before getting stopped by some errors. Before I turn this into an IT support troubleshooting session, I thought I’d ask:

Could someone provide or direct me to a full set of up-to-date instructions on installing and configuring a Raspberry Pi 3 to be a farmer node? I don’t know if the instructions on the Wiki page are for being a farmer or getting full MaidSafe app functionality. I’m more interested in a “dumb” farming node.

I have basic Linux experience, but not much with compiling or contributing to open source projects. Nonetheless, I would love to help make this project successful however I can.

Thank you!


During the last test where we could run vaults an ARM package was supplied. I just extracted that package and ran the vault on my pi3. It ran just fine, never crashed or anything.

So I guess it’s easy as that or perhaps that is not what you mean?

The network for TEST 8 has been taken offline though so not sure what you could do with the package now. I guess you should wait for the next test where user vaults are enabled.


@Krekc thank you for your response. I am assuming the TEST 8 network being down is resulting in the following error that I’m seeing when following your link and installing:

pi@edgeserver:~ $ sudo /usr/local/bin/safe_vault-v0.11.0-armv7/safe_vault 
INFO 12:01:42.865285902 [safe_vault safe_vault.rs:99] 

Running safe_vault v0.11.0
DEBUG 12:01:54.970922250 [routing::core core.rs:1080] Disconnected(c5c109..) Failed to bootstrap. 

I’ll stayed plugged into the dev team’s updates and keep an eye out for when vaults will be enabled again. Appreciate the help!