Raspberry Pi That Only Costs $5

[Read about it here][1]


Can somebody buy the Magp! and send it to me? Please please please (Ofcourse I’ll send you the money)
[1]: Raspberry Pi Zero out now. Get yours free with The MagPi #40! — The MagPi magazine


Ohhhhhh Yeah!!!

Sold out on Adafruit :frowning:

They got 10K attached to an Magpi

Please get one for you and get one for me (I foolishly assume that you live in the UK)


Best I can find after about 30 links of soldout:
16 UK pounds is the resale


Damn, gone too! Seem to be out of stock from all vendors.

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WTF??? If you don’t have $5 to buy the system, where are you going to find the money to buy the USB cables and WiFi dongle?

Complete lunacy. That’s half the cost of Pi 2 B which actually can do a bunch of things.

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@janitor maybe there is value in how tiny that thing is;

That’s the only thing that I thought about, not to mention it pushes the envelope on how small and how low price things could get.

  • the comment on how the coffee costs the same as the Pi… that should speak volumes to the world of how expensive the cup of coffee has become and how inexpensive the computer has become. hmm…
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Half the size, half the RAM. Pick your priority :smile:
For SAFE farmers, the Zero is useless.

I agree Starbucks has a better business model.
To that point I’d only add that it doesn’t cease to amaze me how despite the fact that even a Bangladeshi worker can buy a functioning computer for one day’s wage, redistributionists still think there’s a need to take from one and give to another.

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Well, it looks great on paper. Too bad sooner or later, you always run out of someone else’s money.

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…and a quarter of the power consumption.

Let’s see. Nobody can predict what will farm well and what don’t at this point.

Some might want to create little solar powered vaults and sit them close to free Wi-Fi - the Guerilla SAFEnetwork!


Power matters for non-farmers.
A farmer who uses HDD will have to spend close to 10W on HDD and WiFi. The part that sucks is the Zero is WiFi only, so unless it’s very close to AP, it’s probably going to struggle. For farmers Pi 1 A+ makes sense, but the Zero not really. It has a faster CPU, but Pi 1 A+ has on board LAN. For farming it’s better to buy a 2nd hand Pi 1 A+.
For other things, it depends. For kiosks and IoT stuff the Zero is okay.

Who said anything about using an HDD? Use your imagination! Or consider the one example I thought of while reading your dismissal.

Hmm, I’ve already made not 1 but 2 examples - I said it’d be good for IoT apps and kiosks (that play informative videos).

I said that farmers need HDDs (or some sort of disk; even if one used SSD, for WiFi and SSD they’d need another USB power supply).

OK, I see your misapprehension. This is not true. They need storage, how much we don’t know because it depends on many unknown factors - including the rig itself.

It will therefore be a worthwhile experiment to find out if it’s viable to farm on a $5 device, plus 5 for 8GB SDcard, plus some for a 1 watt solar setup - and then zero running costs until it fails.

With zero running costs this rig would be profitable, and maybe payback the investment.

Even if not, I imagine there would be people who would like to do this. Others might want to donate them to those in sunny climates etc. All would be farmers.


Freak!! :joy:

This would be great and so different from mining any alt-coin. I think it’s a great advance if you have so little to invest. It might take months before people earn back their heavy equipment. On the other hand, that other equipment is already there with most people.


The WiFi dongle costs more than the Zero and increases power consumption by 50%, to about 1.5W, vs. Pi 2 B’s LAN that consumes 4W.
Add a 64 GB microSD card ($30) and you can be sure you’ll never recover the cost (close to $50) even if you power it with Orgone energy.

$5 PI zero

$4.77 Raspberry Pi Power Supply

$3.77 WiFi dongle

$9.95 Micro SD 32GB

$23.49 TOTAL

This isn’t too bad. Access them remotely to manage them and use one monitor for troubleshooting. If you buy the SD’s in bulk you can save yourself the shipping and setup multiple systems at this exact price point. With efficient memory usage, this could be a viable option as only a small amount of data would be served and received to and from the network respectively. Going above 32GB is a different story. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the numbers. :smile:


You can replace the power supply with a discarded USB charger from that old mobile phone of yours/relative/neighbor/etc OR discarded computer power supply, and run a hundred of these off the one.

For the first 6 months or so, I’d say that few GB will be all that is needed for an average vault. Remember it is not the amount of storage offered, but the amount used that earns. So initially one expects the network to be small, thus each vault has only a small amount in them.

(Janitor, who in their right mind is going to spend all their coin on day 1 of network being live. What a joke. Unproven system and all)

I would prefer the 9$ ($8 on monday) C.H.I.P computer available next year, that has wifi built in, enough SSD for a starter vault and draws similar power to the $5 Pi

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